About BullPerks

BullPerks is the world’s first decentralized venture capital and multichain launchpad on the BNB Chain, achieving 9500% average ATH ROI after only 6 months.

BullPerks brings together like-minded individuals who want to invest together in the best crypto projects on equal terms with VCs.

Our platform has given a powerful boost to many ambitious gaming, NFT, and blockchain-based startups accelerating them to global popularity, such as Bloktopia, Polker, Monsta Infinite, StepHero, Sidus, Blockchain Monster Hunt, and many others.

We aim to provide equal opportunities for retail buyers to invest in the most impactful crypto projects, generating significant returns for both BullPerks investors and partner projects.
BullPerks is quickly becoming a fully chain-agnostic platform, bringing the highest quality crypto investment opportunities of the next decade, to our dedicated community. We will be incorporating multiple chains, including but not limited to Ethereum, BNB Chain, Tezos, Solana, Polygon, and Cardano.
Investors & Strategic Partners
Q1, 2022

Development of claiming portal EVM chains

Hiring more talent

Incorprotaing more chains (Fantom & Avalanche)

Q2, 2022

Growth hacking, increasing the community

Building fiat onramps

Additional farming and liquidity pools

Incorproting more chains (Elrond)

Q3, 2022

Bridging tokens to the new chains (Ethereum)

Creating the Solana claiming portal

Building a Yield Aggregator

Q4, 2022

Strategic partnerships

Integration with more CEXs

Translation of platform to 5 new languages

Incubation of our own projects

Team of 50+ employees with experienced leadership
Eran Elhanani

Co-Founder of BullPerks and GamesPad. Founder of Part One Capital, a crypto investment firm. Advisor on multiple crypto projects. Elhanani is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned angel investor, speaker and previous Venture Partner in a boutique VC, and holds a BSc in Medicine, Computer Science, and Math.

Constantin Kogan

Co-Founder of BullPerks and GamesPad. Partner at BitBull Capital. Founder of Adwivo and former Managing Director at Wave Financial. Entrepreneur, meta-connector, influencer, blockchain technology enthusiast and digital asset investor. Top thought leader in hedge funds, IT startups, and venture capital. Ph.D. in Sociology and an M.Ed.

Dana Kachan

Experienced marketing strategist, business author, and international speaker. Author of the book “Business-Driven Digital Product Design.” PR consultant and brand advisor featured in European Digital Marketing Week Magazine. Dana collaborated with global brands, such as Google Assistant, Pipedrive, and Voice Summit. M.A. in Applied Linguistics.

Dima Doroshenko
Project Manager

Experienced Compliance officer and lawyer with a solid track record of working in the banking industry as well as for private companies. An Affiliate member of International Compliance Association. Skilled in regulatory compliance, AML, legal compliance, banking, legal assistance, litigation, customer service, corporate finance.

Hamza Javed
Head Of Customer Support

Bachelor in business administration graduate with over 5 years of experience in the crypto industry, he’s an experienced, energetic, result driven and creative customer support professional with excellent leadership and communication skills, bringing top level IT support into the industry starting with BullPerks.

Nikita Drozdov
Lead UX/UI & Graphic Designer

Award-winning UI/UX specialist with a core focus on FinTech. Participated in the largest hackathon in the world “Digital Breakthrough” included in the Guinness World Records.

Vanessa Martinez-Bojanini
Business Development Manager in Latin American

Vanessa graduated from AIU University with a Bachelor of Science. She is an energetic, business-driven, trilingual entrepreneur, currently focused on creating business opportunities and alliances in Latin America for GamesPad.

Dr Deeban Ratneswaran

CEO and Founder GD10 Ventures
An award-winning academic, serial entrepreneur and international educationalist. As an early-stage blockchain investor, multinational VC advisor, Deeban has developed impressive investment achievements with a 25x portfolio growth between 2019 and 2021.

Josh Meier

Partner at Latitude Blockchain Services. Marketing Team & Strategic Advisor for multiple projects, including Splyt, StackOS, OMNI, Ally, EQIFI and others. Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Marketing and a Minor in Finance. Over 10 years of professional sales and marketing experience and 5 years of experience in blockchain technology.

Mike Miglio

Founder and managing partner of the esteemed American cryptocurrency law firm, Wolfe Miglio. Throughout his career, Mike has aided in successfully launching dozens of cryptocurrency projects. In 2020, Mike moved away from providing services as an attorney to found Bridge Mutual, a popular decentralized coverage platform that allows users to protect themselves from losses caused by hacks or exploits against cryptocurrency projects and exchanges.

Shane McQuillan

VC at Alphabit Fund, fundraiser and strategist, a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience working with startups in all aspects and stages. Former Saxo Bank executive, Shane has been at the forefront of development through blockchain-based startups, co-founder of “TrustedIn Trading.”

Jason Fang

Jason is a Founder and Managing Partner at Sora Ventures. Prior to Sora, Jason was the Head of Global Business Development at Juzix (now PlatON). Jason joined the blockchain industry in early 2016 as an Investment Associate at Fenbushi Capital, where he did deal flows and post management of North American companies.

Yida Gao

Founder of Shima Capital.
Former Bitcoin and Ethereum Investor, former VC Investor at New Enterprise Associates (NEA), 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30. Former M&A Investment Banker at Morgan Stanley, Former Consultant at McKinsey, M.B.A., Stanford Business School (dropped out). B.S. in Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Ilia Maksimenka

CEO/Founder PlasmaPay Ilia Maksimenka is a builder of Web 4.0, early-stage investor, DeFi engineer, founder, and financial architect of PlasmaDLT – blockchain for Decentralized Finance, Payments and Banks, and Spaceport.

Corey Billington

Director of Latitude Blockchain Services, Senior advisor of multiple projects, including AuBit, Splyt and StackOS. Has a professional background in business development, marketing and mechanical engineering.

Edna Yuan

Edna Yuan, Investor in 40+ project, including ANKR and Chiliz, incubated over 10 projects such as Findora, Channels, Oddz, Reef. Former Investment Fund Analysis Manager at Fidelity & Securities Trading Broker at TD Ameritrade.

Aylon Morley

Prolific investor in the blockchain space With more than 20 years of experience in the capital markets under his belt. Previously Tech Investment Director for Wentworth Hall, a London-based family office that specializes in private equity ventures and start-up investments. He is also a strategic partner in the SAVA Digital asset Fund. Advisor to Tezos and DuskNetwork.