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The digital revolution has engulfed the world as we once knew it, with the transformation moving so quickly and expanding so vastly. Digital currencies are taking over the world at an incredible pace, and the word “cryptocurrency” is no longer foreign to the general population. As digital currencies continue to take over traditional methods, new ways of earning crypto are appearing throughout the industry. Now that this ideology is being built into the gaming industry, there are more and more incredible GameFi projects on the market to look out for. Considering all of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead, BullPerks is happy to announce an upcoming VC deal with Adroverse, a multi-chain decentralized metaverse where users enjoy playing blockchain and NFT-based games, as well as chatting with other players, all while earning a profit.

What Is Adroverse?

Adroverse is an evolving project focused on creating a decentralized metaverse on top of multi-chain networks. The project guarantees constant renewal and development, dynamically applying the most modern technological and economic management frameworks, providing a stable foundation for decentralized games and apps. In addition, what makes Adroverse different from other similar Metaverse-related projects is the expansiveness of its scope. It is more than just a game or a few video games using blockchain and NFT technology, in Androverse there is a focus on building a decentralized crowd economy model with a core MetaFi platform that provides the lifeblood of the entire metaverse economy. It also features the world’s 1st functional interactive NFT system that brings non-fungible tokens to life with significantly improved efficiency and a new level of usability. Adroverse 2

Unique Features of Adroverse

Adroverse isn’t just another space-themed GameFi project. It is an evolving metaverse where players can have fun, play blockchain & NFT-based games, make new friends, chat live, and earn real money. Adroverse unique features include:


Adroverse includes addictive space-themed games built on next-generation blockchains: “Free-2-Play,” “Easy-2-Learn,” and “Play-2-Earn”.

One of the highlighted games in the project, which is scheduled to launch in Q2 2022, is called

Adroverse Battle Arena. While playing, users can build an army, win to receive rewards, join staking programs, enjoy various game modes, seasons & expansions, complete tasks, trade your resources, and more.

Social network

Adroverse also has all the social networking features that allow players to chat, discuss gameplay, and have fun together.

A possibility to earn cryptocurrency tokens

While Adroverse describes itself as more than just a game, its mission showcases how it is a game that earns real income. The project creates a solid digital goods economy where “citizens” can produce digital goods and carry out trade, business, commercial activities, DeFi, and GameFi activities to earn crypto.

Why You Should Consider Investing In Adroverse

The gaming market will undoubtedly make room for growth and innovation in the coming years, and the Adroverse project compares favorably with similar ones who are on that pathway to propelling the industry into new and exciting opportunities. Adroverse definitely holds every chance to become the next successful GameFi project because it not only provides enticing gameplay but also builds a diverse economy, providing a great environment for non-gamers to participate. Non-gamer citizens can participate in many off-game programs to create a more prosperous in-game economy and to earn real money for themselves.

The Adroverse games are uniquely designed to win fully and receive decent rewards without spending any money. However, there are game mechanics that allow players to spend money to get more time or pay to earn even more. As it stands, Adroverse is a very attractive GameFi investment project, and BullPerks is thrilled to set a VC deal with them.

    BNB Chain
    Launch Date
    30 Dec, 2021
    Total Raise
    125,000 BUSD
    30 Dec, 2021
    Min Allocation
    20 BUSD
    Max Allocation
    900 BUSD
    7.5% at TGE; Then – 2 months cliff; Then – 6.16% per month for 15 months
    Token Price

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