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Blockchain technology has tremendous potential and opens new opportunities for many businesses. However, like any other innovation, it has advantages and drawbacks. Coinweb is designed to solve the blockchain’s biggest problems and make this technology more collaborative, better-connected, and accessible for everyone.

BullPerks is happy to inform you about an upcoming VC deal with Coinweb, a cross-chain computational platform, that will take place on BullStarter on November 3. In this article, we are considering all peculiarities and main features of this technology.

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Launch Date


Total Raise

15,384,615.40 CWEB

Min Allocation


Max Allocation

900 BUSD

Token Information





Token Price

Vesting: 8.33% at TGE and then 8.33% per month



About Coinweb

Coinweb is the first general-purpose blockchain platform that delivers true interoperability. It combines and extends the functionality of blockchains to help developers improve and expand existing dApp concepts. The company addresses the fundamental problems of current blockchain technology, including the following:

  • DeFi app restrictions. Decentralized applications must be able to access a larger part of the whole blockchain space and scale without exposing users to security threats present on underlying platforms.
  • Programming language challenges. DApp developers usually use custom programming languages and non-standard toolchains that make a process complicated and time-consuming.
  • Smart-contract limitations. Most blockchains use a sequential execution model that restricts their computation throughput. It leads to high gas fees and slow execution time.
  • Blockchain data problems. Accessing and merging blockchain data across multiple chains is a cumbersome process with additional security dependencies.

Coinweb unlocks the full potential of blockchains and solves the above-mentioned problems by delivering the following solutions:

  • unique strong coupling of blockchains
  • indexing of blockchain data with strong security
  • reactive smart-contracts
  • uniform deployment across all blockchains
  • execution of smart contracts on one and multiple chains.
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Unique Features of Coiweb

  • Secure interoperability. A causal consistency model prevents protocol instabilities in connected chains and maintains great app usability.
  • Cross-chain DeFi protocols. Cross-chain protocols provide increased liquidity for dApps spanning many blockchains and platforms.
  • High-capacity smart contracts. In Coinweb, every transaction and computation runs simultaneously even if it’s triggered by the same smart contract. Thus, a smart contract won’t create any execution bottlenecks even if it’s used by most users in the network at the same time.
  • High-performing dApps. With Coinweb, dApps can easily migrate from one chain to another if a previous one becomes too slow or expensive.
  • The Coinweb digital wallet. It allows users to buy tokens in minutes using fully integrated traditional banking systems, including Visa, Mastercard, Swift, and Sepa.

Why consider investing in Coinweb?

Coinweb developed a unique InChain architecture that provides maximum blockchain interoperability with fewer tradeoffs. The company offers an innovative approach that allows retaining properties of the underlying chains and dramatically increasing the efficiency and usefulness of dApps. This technology was mentioned in many reputable media, including Forbes, The Fintech Times, City A.M., and Times of Malta.


 Yes, it is called $CWEB.

You can join the Coinweb deal on BullStarter. First, you will need to complete KYC and stake or lock your tokens to get a desired Tier.

No, only Platinum Tiers are eligible to receive a guaranteed allocation. All other tiers are served on a first-come-first-serve (FCFC) basis.

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