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In 2021, NFT gaming broke every record, exceeding expectations and becoming one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency industry’s today. Play-2-Earn NFT Game models are a unique combination of blockchain technology and video games, representing two fast-growing markets with rising success year after year. The P2E game model is revolutionizing the entire industry, allowing many crypto enthusiasts and gamers to continue to play the games they enjoy and make money at the same time. A true win-win opportunity.

The rise in popularity of NFT has helped increase the presence of P2E games, and players are rapidly moving from traditional gaming to these GameFi projects where they are able to have fun as well as receive cryptocurrency rewards.

With this in mind, BullPerks continues to deliver exciting venture capital projects to the community, such as CyberTrade, the newest NFT game, and one that will surely become the hit of the year.

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Launch Date


Total Raise

3,000,000 CCASH

Min Allocation


Max Allocation

990 BUSD

Token Information





Token Price



5% at TGE; 5% every 3 months



Like many of the most recent GameFi projects, CyberTrade is not just another game; it represents much more. It is a unique world of online cryptocurrency trading combined with an exciting storyline where becoming the hero means risking it all for the betterment of the world. Players are able to independently make decisions that will affect the fate of Metropolit and in turn, receive lucrative rewards for their accomplishments.

CyberTrade is an enhanced binary options game that uses NFT tokens and the benefits of IOI tokens. Each player will be able to join a syndicate and start creating their own captivating and unique story.

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CyberTrade plans to include many exciting benefits beyond a graphically rich environment and new NFTs in the form of characters, vehicles, and other different items.

One of the most interesting moments of the CyberTrade project is the in-game CyberCash token (CCASH), which players can earn by playing, fighting, and participating in races. CCASH is a community token with a governing function that hodlers can use to influence the future development of the entire project. These tokens can be received for daily activity, victories in battles, and high ratings.

While playing CyberTrade, players can join Metropolit, explore it, develop a character, gain respect and earn money. The higher the players’ social rating is, the more rights they have within the governance of this exclusive new city.

CyberTrade aims to lift gameplay to a whole new level. A level where everyone can create their own unique game from scratch. All characters, cars, and lands will shape the vision of Metropolit, but only players can really influence all processes as a participant in the game. For potential investors and crypto enthusiasts, it is highly beneficial to invest in advance and become one of the first to start playing and trading their CCASH tokens. With enticing projects like CyberTrade, everyone can experience firsthand how exciting and potentially promising the GameFi sphere is. Don’t miss out on the chance to plunge into this adventure, where both fun and financial profit are the goals within this already booming cryptocurrency landscape.

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