Cyberium IDO

will be launched on BullStarter

Deal Details

BullPerks is happy to announce an upcoming IDO deal with Cyberium, the premier e-sports Metaverse. 

The appeal of video games has always been their ability to transport players to new and exciting worlds. However, in recent years, there has been a shift towards games that offer more than just entertainment value. Known as “play-to-earn” games, these titles give players the opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies through their in-game achievements. In addition to providing a new source of income for gamers, play-to-earn games also have the potential to democratize the gaming industry, which is why BullPerks is always seeking out new top-quality and promising projects to offer to its users.

BullPerks is thrilled to announce the upcoming IDO deal with Cyberium, built on the BNB Chain by a team of 25+ metaverse enthusiasts, Cyberium is determined to bring Players, Creators, and Socializers together in their ecosystem that consists of 7 different realms.

Launch Date


Total Raise

1,300,000 BCMC

Min Allocation


Max Allocation

1300 BUSD

Token Information


Blockchain Monster Hunt



Token Price



0% at TGE; 3 month cliff; 25% each quarter for 1 year



About Cyberium

Cyberium is the first of its kind project, labeled GameFi 2.0, where the diminishing Play-to-Earn trend switches to the new and more user-focused Play-and-Earn. Cyberium focuses on actual gameplay and user experience, allowing players to earn an income while operating in an anti-inflationary, dual token economic model. It is a Metaverse (under construction) with 7 different cities, each of which will host its own e-sport game, allowing users to seamlessly switch from one game to another game by simply walking through the Cyberrium metaverse.

Cyberium unique features

The project, Cyberium sets itself apart from the rest by having:

  • Premium graphics and extensive gameplay control abilities
  • Dual token economy

$ESPN – Governance Token

  • $ESPN (E-Sport Nation) is the main currency of CYBERIUM, which is used mainly as a governance token, and rarely used as rewards for in-game activities.

$BREAK Token – Main Ingame Currency for Pool Game

  • Mainly used to reward players in in-game activities and the marketplace.
  • Anti-inflationary economy
  • Most of the players cannot use 1 NFT and earn forever. It will get destructed after a pre-determined number of uses and players need to buy/craft a new one.
  • Fair gameplay
  • Game progression depends on the in-game skill
  • Play-to-Earn 
  • Players are not required to have an initial investment in order to play the game.
  • The Market
  • The marketplace is where players trade their NFTs. The main currency used here is $BREAK.
  • Pool NFT system

Cyberium aims to be the premier E-Sports Metaverse on blockchain by incorporating multiple sports-based P2E games into one easy-to-use platform. 

Investors and partners

  • BullPerks is the fairest and most community-oriented decentralized VC and multichain launchpad.
  • Astrov Ventures is an investment firm specializing in impulsing the development of potential start-up blockchain businesses in the Defi and cryptocurrency space through financial support and counseling.
  • Chromia is a blockchain platform, making it easy for people to build decentralized apps in the real world, for a better world.
  • Inwave Studio is a young and dynamic company that designs and develops 2D/3D games. 
  • Kyros Ventures is a pioneer in incubating early-stage blockchain and cryptocurrency projects in Vietnam.
  • Kyber Ventures is the investment arm of Kyber Network, a leading DEX protocol, with the goal of supporting the entrepreneurs in building the next giants of the decentralized world.

Why you should invest in Cyberium

Cyberium has an amazing, dual token economic model that keeps inflation low and gameplay high. You can actually earn while you play, making it more fun and rewarding than any other common P2E game out there. Their team has put a lot of work into developing this game and we know you’re going to love the game. With stunning game graphics, unique NFTs, exciting game challenges, and a unique economy, Cyberium is sure to keep you entertained inside the metaverse.

How to join the Cyberium IDO on BullPerks?

Are you a newbie and have never participated in the IDO deals on BullPerks? In this comprehensive tutorial, you will find everything you need to know to activate the tier on BullPerks and start investing in deals on our platform. Here are several steps to get started:

  1. Create a wallet
  2. Register and complete KYC (Know-Your-Customer procedure) 
  3. Activate your tier on BullPerks: 

3.1. Buy $BLP tokens

3.2. Lock-in $BLP tokens on the platform

4. Join the IDO deal on BullPerks!

You can also stake and farm your $BLP tokens to activate your tier. Read more in this step-by-step guide to investing with BullPerks.


The date of the IDO will be disclosed soon. Preliminary, it’s the end of June.

The minimum investment tier is a Copper Bull, which allows investing 1500 BLP.

Play-to-earn falls under the category of GameFi.

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