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Flurry is a non-custodial, decentralized, open-source protocol that runs on various blockchains. It is a
DeFi protocol uses rhoToken, which is linked 1:1 to its underlying stablecoin to provide yield aggregation. DeFi protocols provide crypto enthusiasts with a variety of options to generate profit.

Crypto investors now have a great opportunity to make decent returns on their assets due to the
the emergence of DeFi products.
Flurry diversifies DeFi product risks (resulting in lower gas fees) by automatically farming for yields
without locking up funds or interest gained.

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Launch Date

22 August

Total Raise

21,600,000 FLURRY

Min Allocation


Max Allocation

2,160 BUSD

Token Information


Flurry Finance



Token Price

1 BUSD = 400 FLURR


Vesting: 20% at TGE date; 73 days cliff; Linear daily from day 74 for 10 months (We do monthly)

Key Features of Flurry Finance

A cross-chain token that is tied 1:1 to the stablecoin and features a continuous yield farming operation with diversified DeFi product risk and a cheaper cost. However, there is much more to Flurry Finance.

Here are some more key features of the project:

  • Deposit tokens with a fluctuating value cannot be used as a means of trade, as seen in traditional yield aggregators, and hence the price to pay for earning interest in these aggregators locks up your deposited assets. Flurry, on the other hand, is a unique type of interest distribution method.
  • Existing yield aggregators are limited to Ethereum-based items, but Flurry will search across many DeFi Protocol cross-chains for the best yield rate.
  • The Flurry yield is delivered in the form of rhoTokens, which are tied 1:1 to the stablecoins they are based on. For example, 1 rhoUSDT is always equal to 1 USDT, hence rhoToken can be used just like any other stablecoin.
  • The rhoTokens will have use cases provided by Flurry. In other words, users’ funds will not be locked up; they will be able to earn, trade, as well as spend the rhoTokens.
  • Flurry will not only find the greatest rate for your yield, but it will also maximize your earnings by switching the allocation of funds collectively, saving users the time and effort of switching funds manually.

The only gas fee you’ll have to pay is to switch from whichever altcoin you’re holding into stablecoin, which won’t ask you to switch platforms.

Why You Should Consider

Investing in Flurry Finance
Here are some sound reasons why you should consider investing in Flurry Finance:

  • The flurry Finance model is very convenient – The platform has a smooth user interface and
    clearly displays how much and how interest is generated. All users need to do is keep their
    rhoTokens, and their wallet balance will automatically increase as per the interest earned.
  • The entire yield creation process is totally automated and user-friendly – Current yield
    aggregators are limited to Ethereum-based items, whereas Flurry intends to operate cross-chain to find the optimal yield after accounting for transaction costs on various chains.
  • It is flexible – The price of rhoToken is fixed at one-to-one with the price of the underlying
    stablecoin. As a result, rhoTokens can be used in the same way as the stablecoin they are based
  • Before using their fund, users do not need to redeem their rhoTokens – To put it another way, there will be no more Lock-Up. Individuals cannot afford to diversify specific smart contract risk on their own, so Flurry can do so by dividing the pool of assets among several DeFi solutions. 

Moreover, Flurry is more cost-effective than other crypto chains. The average cost incurred per user is lower since Flurry pools assets and moves funds in a single transaction.


Traditional interest rate models will be replaced with a far more cost-effective and efficient model
implemented in DeFi as the DeFi market grows and cross-chain interoperability improves. Flurry aims to
make the entire yield creation process simple and convenient for everyone, and to make the future of
crypto accessible to everyone and not just crypto enthusiasts specifically; Flurry Finance seems to be
heading in the right direction.

In today’s modern world where the future is digital, accessibility of digital services should be available
for everyone. Despite the astonishing rate of innovation in the DeFi space, technological advancements
often outstrip crucial improvements in user experience, creating a barrier to access and a learning
stumbling block.

Flurry believes that investment opportunities should be open to everyone, not only tech-savvy crypto
enthusiasts. Flurry wants to make DeFi products more usable and the yield aggregation process as
simple as possible so that everyone will be able to participate.
In an e-interview hosted by your humble servant, the founders of Flurry Finance present all there is to
know about the project. Starting from how the founders know each other, what solutions Flurry Finance
offers, and what their objectives are for the short and long-term future.
You can watch the complete video below.

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