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In our modern time, Space has undoubtedly become an endless source of inspiration for humanity, and blockchain is a prime example of what modern technology can achieve–the worlds of reality and technology are now more interconnected than ever.

The fast-growing universe of crypto games keeps pace, by doing everything possible to keep up and entrance users with new achievements and innovations in the industry. In addition, technology has a strong global impact on the world’s economic landscape, with millions of people from all over the world playing blockchain-based games every day.

BullPerks continues to deliver exciting venture capital projects like Galaxy War, an immersive and visually spectacular simulation game based on DeFi and NFT.

What Is Galaxy War?

Galaxy War is a classic yet unique DeFi & NFT space strategy simulator on OEC (OKEX Network). The project creators were inspired by famous traditional and legendary games such as Minecraft, EVE, Roblox, and others. Galaxy War provides players worldwide with an ever-expanding Metaverse product that integrates different game elements such as simulation, starship battles, planet collection, and more. The players’ goal is to compete with thousands or even millions of other gamers for supreme control over our Universe.

Despite the timelessness of its storyline, Galaxy War is not just another typical space game. It is a dynamic multi-chain game where multiple blockchains serve as parallel universes in which players can take risks and earn money. The ecosystem removes the typical boundaries found in other P2E games — the multiverse experience is unlike anything players have ever encountered.

Galaxy War 2

Unique Features of Galaxy War

In Galaxy War, your adventure begins when a colony is founded on a distant, uninhabited planet. Every player will be amazed by the first-class three-dimensional graphics — the physical world will fade away as you get lost in the immersive and fascinating world of wars between galaxies.
Galaxy War offers over 50 different constructions to enjoy, as well as over 20 techniques and starships. The narrative is centered on a unique fantasy universe created by a talented science fiction writer. As a player, you have the ability to wage war, politics, piracy, trade, and explore a million stars alongside hundreds of thousands of other equally keen players.

You will be able to shape and create your own gaming space future, build economic and military infrastructure, join battles for valuable resources, arm your fleet, strengthen forces, mine resources from other players, trade with other peaceful civilizations and forge alliances to jointly attack other planets.

Why You Should Consider Investing In Galaxy War

Playing Galaxy War offers more than a stunning visual and immersive experience, which all will undoubtedly enjoy, but on top of this, there are the added benefits of NFT games, from making money and increasing your income to truly owning your game content. The team behind the project has made significant progress towards achieving its goals of creating an unrivaled play-to-earn ecosystem that is both fun and profitable.

Galaxy War’s goal is to be a revolutionary GameFi product. With many games designed to simulate space exploration and galactic wars, Galaxy War aims to stand out from the crowd. These investments are sure to shake the world of crypto gaming and take the metaverse to new and lucrative galactic frontiers. Don’t miss out on the chance to jump on this epic galactic adventure where you will surely have lots of fun and make significant financial returns.

    Galaxy WarGWT
    BNB Chain
    Launch Date
    27 Dec, 2021
    Total Raise
    6,250,000 GWT
    27 Dec, 2021
    Min Allocation
    20 BUSD
    Max Allocation
    900 BUSD
    10% at TGE; Then – Daily Linear vesting for 1 year
    Token Price

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