GamesPad Cyborg NFT
GamesPad Cyborg NFT
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We are happy to announce an IDO with GamesPad, the ultimate gaming, NFT and Metaverse ecosystem from creators of BullPerks. The GameFi and Cryptoverse are seeing the birth of the next big thing — GamesPad. This ambitious project has started a tsunami of engagement and digital buzz even before closing its private investment round. Recently, BullPerks has announced the foundation of GamesPad — the ultimate GameFi Launchpad, NFT, and Metaverse ecosystem. Today, we are happy to inform you about an upcoming IDO with GamesPad that will take a place on BullStarter on December 20.

GamesPad — the next big thing in cryptoverse

GamesPad was incorporated by Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan — serial entrepreneurs, digital asset investors, and speakers with a proven track record in the crypto industry. The team is launching the next-generation gaming platform where the three most prosperous fields collide: gaming, NFT, and the metaverse. The project will cater to retail investors by providing early-stage access and the opportunity to invest in the best crypto gaming projects on equal terms with VCs. It will be a one-stop shop for all their gaming, NFT, and DeFi needs. The platform will also support young founders and projects by offering them full incubation, mentorship, and network connections in the space.
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Game-focused launchpad

One of the key features will be a multichain launchpad. The platform will hold Initial Game Offerings (IGO), Initial Metaverse Offerings (IMO), Initial NFT Offerings (INO), and land sales. It will help high-quality blockchain games raise funds. On the other hand, it will provide early-stage access and the opportunity to invest in these projects for retail buyers. GamesPad will also streamline, motivate, and mentor upcoming crypto gaming projects. The platform will have a tier-based system. To become a member of the community, users will need to buy an appropriate NFT and a certain amount of GMPD tokens to enter one of the tiers available on the platform. Each tier will provide different investment opportunities on our launchpad. These are 5 tiers on GamesPad:

Crypto Ninja

Amount: 60. Value: $60K + 50K tokens


Amount: 100. Value: $30K + 25K Token


Amount: 250. Value: $15K + 12K tokens


Amount: 1500. Value: $6K +4K tokens


Amount: 4000. Value: $1.5K + 1500 tokens

Decentralized VC

The mission of a decentralized venture fund is to allow a group of individuals to collectively pool capital and invest it in projects that advance the mission towards a decentralized future. Unlike traditional VCs, our decentralized VC will shift foundational trust from people and legacy systems that are slow and highly regulated to a flexible and globally accessible blockchain secured by cryptography that is rapid and permissionless. What makes GamesPad different is the vast experience of our founders and advisors. They have a proven track record in launching and funding crypto startups. Many of these projects have already become super successful and gained global popularity. Our team conducts thorough due diligence of every project, researching its regulatory, legal, financial, and business capabilities. It allows us to bring only the best deals to the platform and protect the investments of our community.

Game incubator

GamesPad will incubate game entrepreneurs and their teams, equipping them with the skills needed to run a blockchain game studio, promote, and launch their first products on a global market. We will provide executive advisory and mentorship to help management teams and founders to find the right way to run their game studio. Our core team has an extensive network of partnerships and connections in the crypto gaming industry. Therefore, GamesPad will assist startups in business networking in the space.

NFT aggregator & marketplace

GamesPad is your gateway to participating in the purchase and sale of the most exclusive NFTs. Our NFT aggregator and marketplace will collect and visualize real-time data around NFT assets and their trading volume across different blockchains. You can gain a comprehensive understanding of NFT market trends and optimize your NFT purchase and investment decisions through our platform.

Yield aggregator

A yield aggregator allows users to generate income from their cryptocurrency assets through yield farming. Since returns can vary significantly between platforms, manually tracking yields on each platform can be quite tedious. Our yield aggregator will simplify and improve a user experience. We will offer retail investors a careful and unique risk management strategy based on their chosen personal risk tolerance profile without any manual work.

Staking + farming pools

The staking feature allows users to lock up a portion of their tokens for a certain period of time to earn block rewards, depending on the time and number of tokens that are blocked. The farming feature will incentivize liquidity providers to stake or lock up their tokens in a smart contract-based liquidity pool. In return, they will get the interest and percentage of transaction fees.

In-house blockchain gaming studio

In the longer run, we plan to start our own in-house game development studio. GamesPad will gather the best game designers and developers under one roof to bring the best gaming concepts to reality. Play-to-earn, MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game), PvP (player vs. player), PvE (player vs. environment), NFT, and metaverse — these are just a few of the game features that we’re going to develop in house.

Why Consider Investing in GamesPad?

GamesPad embraces a hot industry opportunity

  • According to TechJury, there are 2.5 billion gamers around the world. The gaming market is expected to reach $200 billion in 2023.
  • EarthWeb reports that the metaverse market is expected to be worth $280 billion by 2025, while it was worth just $46 billion in 2020.
  • According to data by Nft-Stats.com, 34,902 NFTs were sold just in the last 24 hours. The same source reports that an NFT trading volume has reached $117.18M in the last 24 hours.

Massive growth observed in the NFT gaming industry and fast movement into Metaverse demonstrated by corporations like Meta (formerly Facebook), Nike, and even Prada served as a super-favorable environment for the foundation of GamesPad — the world’s first 360-degree ecosystem that will lead blockchain gaming startups from ideation to execution and public launch.

    GamesPad Cyborg NFTCyborg
    BNB Chain
    Launch Date
    22 Dec, 2021
    Total Raise
    220 NFT
    24 Dec, 2021
    Min Allocation
    6000 BUSD
    Max Allocation
    6000 BUSD
    NFTs will be distributed after the INO event
    Token Price

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