Plagood IDO

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BullPerks is happy to announce a new IDO deal with Plagood, the next-gen social entertainment platform, powered by the world’s most popular music.

The fascinating crypto sphere does not stand still and continues to grow and develop with all swiftness. The fun mechanism of do-to-earn was joined by play-to-earn (P2E) and move-to-earn (M2E), which quickly became multi-million dollar industries.

With the advent of another exciting model, entertain-to-earn (E2E), some applications are ready to enable a new exciting form of self-expression. That’s why BullPerks is thrilled to announce an upcoming IDO deal with such a cutting-edge app, Plagood, a social platform that employs an exciting brand-new entertain-to-earn model.

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5% unlock at TGE, 1mo cliff, 5 mo linear vesting



About Plagood

Plagood is an innovative next-generation social entertainment application that brings the world’s most popular artists and music into Web3. The project provides users with artist content through synthetic media licenses, which cover a growing list of famous artists, including Justin Timberlake, Ariana Grande, Saweetie, and many others.

As one of the first social entertainment apps to include an entertain-to-earn (E2E) feature, Plagood is taking the relationship between fans and artists to a whole new level.

Plagood key features

Plagood stands out from the endless list of social entertainment apps by implementing the next-generation “entertain-to-earn” model. However, there are many other unique features and advantages:

  • A new form of self-expression combined with a fun entertain-to-earn experience;

  • Building the next generation of social entertainment apps powered by advanced AI technology;

  • Providing users with artist content through synthetic media licenses;

  • Partnerships with major recording and publishing labels to offer the best experiences;

  • Incorporating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to unlock new monetization streams;

  • Active base of users and dedicated community.

Plagood partners

  • NVIDIA Inception is a free program designed to help startups evolve faster through access to cutting-edge technology and NVIDIA experts.
  • GDA is a leading global digital asset investment and capital markets advisory firm.

Why you should invest in Plagood 

Plagood is an exciting next-gen social entertainment application that uses the brand new entertain-to-earn model to incentivize participation on the platform. By building cutting-edge social entertainment apps powered by advanced AI technology, Plagood has everything and even more to grow into one of the most influential players in the entire industry. By integrating non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the platform is doing its best to open up new monetization streams for artists, allowing users to interact with their favorite artists and their music in a completely different way. All this makes the project truly unique and extremely attractive for potential investors.

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Token ticker: $PGT

IDO Date: TBA 

Vesting schedule: 5% unlock at TGE, 1mo cliff, 5 mo linear vesting

How to join the Plagood IDO on BullPerks?

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