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Accessibility and community and two aspects of DeFi and the crypto-gaming industry that Rainmaker Games is focused on uplifting. The nature of a decentralized gaming ecosystem, that is built for the people, and owned by the people, is at the core of this free global platform. The challenges of accessibility in the crypto sphere can be a hurdle that many people aren’t able to overcome, and with that in the way, their participation in the future of gaming and DeFi is a false start. If a company is truly centered on developing a space for users, gamers, and businesses to earn, build, learn, and grow together, there has to be a level playing field.

About Rainmaker Games

The ethos behind Rainmaker Games is to build a free global platform where anyone can play hundreds of play-to-earn (P2E) games. A hub connecting gamers, games, and guilds from all over the world. Rainmaker Games aims to create the largest global P2E game platform and, in turn, the largest P2E data powerhouse with first-ever P2E guild verification and the most extensive P2E gamer data logging system. Rainmaker Games unlocks financial freedom for the world by providing a free platform to play, earn, learn, and connect with the world of P2E. The sheer size and ambition of Rainmaker Games’ platform pave the way for the company to create unique and important reward incentives for every contributor to the platform; games join for players and data, guilds join for vetted players, and players join to be verified and get P2E game access. This holistic ecosystem encapsulates the equitable nature of the platform’s mission, allowing for each aspect of the industry to be rewarded for their participation, with the focus on a customizable, accessible, decentralized P2E experience for users from all backgrounds. Rainmaker Games 2

Unique Features

A wide array of exciting and innovative features create the core values of Rainmaker Games, allowing the team to build a fully customizable, immersive, and profitable P2E experience from gamers. Some of these unique features include: A Personalized User Interface — where gamers can play hundreds of P2E games for free. They can also receive access to different games based on their play level and can level up as they go. Effortless Game Discovery & Training — Users can watch reviews of gameplay from one of our world-ranked coaches, where they can learn about the game, chat about strategy, and read reviews. The Flexible Gamer Profile — Gamer profiles start with entry-level information for novice players. The more a user fills out, the better the UI. Users can level up to play with better NFTs, get verified, manage earnings, chat, and learn, all from one spot. The Premiere Guild Verification Tool — The first central verification step for gamers to get ranked and scored for premiere scouting from top guilds. Users will be ranked in multiple categories to find the perfect match to guilds worldwide. The NFT Marketplace & Banking Integration — An NFT Marketplace where Rainmakers can sell, buy, rent, and loan out GameFi NFTs — that can easily sync into gameplay within the platform. Users will also get access to full-service digital banking, including the Rainmaker Credit Card — powered by Mastercard, the Crypto Account, and the secure Crypto Wallet. The $RAIN Token — Gamers will have the option to earn $RAIN while they play and use the platform, unlocking access to games, exclusive drops, and ownership to a piece of Rainmaker Games. $RAIN will be able to seamlessly transfer earnings between games, replacing manual ransfer.

Why Invest in Rainmaker Games

Rainmaker Games began as a basic gaming guild, but currently, the company has over $1,000,000 of assets under management with over 21,000 players in their discord. The question is not when will Rainmaker Games become the next big thing, it’s how big and how impactful will they be in changing the dynamics of the crypto gaming world forever. Today, they are a profitable machine, generating over $500,000 per month in revenues. Rainmaker Games is the next-generation platform that will bring the gaming, guild, and player ecosystem together. Their accessible model allows everyone to join — in hopes of building the largest global player platform, ever. This means big things for Rainmaker Games and the future of GameFi, as they become the biggest gamer database for games, the premiere player to guild vetting platform, and the free global access point for all P2E gamers.

    Rainmaker Games$RAIN
    Launch Date
    16 Dec, 2021
    Total Raise
    200,000 BUSD
    17 Dec, 2021
    Min Allocation
    30 BUSD
    Max Allocation
    1260 BUSD
    10% at TGE; 10% per month for 9 months
    Token Price

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