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The NFT industry is experiencing enormous growth right now. There are $10-$20 million worth of NFT sold in the blockchain every week. BullPerks is happy to bring a new incredible NFT gaming project to your attention — Spellfire. The reemergence of Spellfire intertwines a legendary magical world with the future of technology, P2E gameplay, and NFTs. It’s a revolutionary and first-of-its-kind digital reality game. Are you interested in being a part of this reimagined classic? Read on to learn more!

What is SpellFire?

Spellfire is more than just a card game based in a magical world, it’s an immersive experience where players can compete, build empires and cast spells in stunning virtual worlds. Within Spellfire, you have the ability to create unique NFTs, generate revenue through P2E game mechanics, and for the first time ever, actually touch your NFT on Ethereum.

Spellfire has come a long way since 1994. It is the second oldest CCG game. When Spellfire was first created, it could only be found in gaming shops and bookstores. Since then, it has significantly evolved. The latest Spellfire Classic booster was released in summer 2021. There are 999 exclusive cards in the Spellfire classic set, which is sold only in booster packs. It consists of a set of redesigned and redrawn cards of old editions and booster packs.

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The Magic Spellfire World

It is a fantastic world full of dungeons and dragons, cities and monsters, legends, power, and magic. It has its own gods, deities, mighty heroes, legendary cities, horrifying demons, and incredible immortal stories. There have been peaceful times, diplomatic treaties, treasons, and wars that lasted hundreds of years.

All players are welcome to apply for citizenship, get unique titles, create fun, beauty, and glory. They can immerse into this fantasy world full of friendly creatures, cults, rules, races, and help allies to prepare for the upcoming battle with the Dark Wizard from the West Coast.

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Unique Features of SpellFire

  • Play-to-Earn (P2E) game mechanics. Spellfire’s P2E (play-to-earn) game mechanics allow users to generate profit while playing the game. 90% of NFT profits go directly back to the player.
  • Unique characters. The Spellfire world has unique champions with their own unique books of spells, runes, and alchemy blueprints.
  • Exclusive NFT cards. Players have a unique chance to own original Spellfire NFT cards based on the Ethereum blockchain. They are interactive and can be controlled by voice and gestures.
  • NFTs that you can touch physically. The main game peculiarity is that NFTs that you acquire are both digital and physical. It’s the first experience in which you can physically touch your NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Why You Should Invest in Spellfire

In 2020 alone, the global gaming industry generated approximately $54 billion USD in in-game content. Spellfire has over 40,000,000 tokens circulating in its digital world, and with 90% of all NFT profits going directly to card owners. This classic card game allows generating substantial revenue while having fun and participating in the battles in the beautifully reimagined digital landscape. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in the reemergence of this groundbreaking classic, Spellfire’s new digital realm of NFT card games.

    BNB Chain
    Launch Date
    05 Nov, 2021
    Total Raise
    150,000 BUSD
    05 Nov, 2021
    Min Allocation
    22.5 BUSD
    Max Allocation
    1230 BUSD
    15% at TGE; 3 month cliff; Then - 4.25% per month for 20 months
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