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With the growing interest in NFTs and RPG games, a dedicated team of blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts set out to launch Step Hero to help increase the acceptance of blockchain as well as the continued development of the Binance Smart Chain and the Polygon network’s ecosystems. The story, features, and characters of the game are based on ancient Greek history, and the makers of the game claim to provide an engaging gaming experience for players. NFT Gaming and DeFi allow individuals to have fun and make money while being part of the Step Hero platform. Heroes Farming, Step Hero RPG game, and the NFT Marketplace are all part of this massive ecosystem. This is not merely a gaming platform – Step Hero also offers a robust community who assists users to build an investment portfolio in order to generate income from the game. Their main goals are to offer gamers the most interesting and profitable gaming experiences, increase BSC and Polygon ecosystems, as well as for the blockchain applications to gain broad use.

Key Features of Step Hero

Following are the key features that make Step Hero a special project you want to invest in it:
  • You will receive high-quality collectibles developed by some of the most skillful graphic designers. These items are expected to be in high demand and have great market value.
  • The Step Hero game brings you the most original and enthralling game experience, utilizing NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to implement an incredible fantasy-themed RPG adventure with engaging gameplay and captivating storylines.
  • A Cross-chain NFT marketplace with advanced features including NFT auctions and affiliate programs – such as the Step Hero Marketplace – is available to you as well.
Money can be generated in several ways for Step Hero gaming players:
  • Players who win Player vs Player (PvP) fights can earn awards.
  • Items in games like “Monster Legends” can be bought and sold, including healing cures, power-impulse-potions, and weaponry.
  • You can upgrade characters, and you can exchange your characters at a later stage. There is a direct correlation between the unique and compelling attributes of their characters and the amount of income they can generate.

What can be expected from Step Hero?

Regardless of the number of media reports regarding new technologies, the prospect of new technology isn’t hard to predict. Since this is a new way that has not yet been widely embraced by the markets, investing in Step Hero is a sound move, as the pioneers in such technologies are persistent innovators. By doing this, now is the perfect moment to invest in the project because it’s possible that any longer wait could result in losing a prime opportunity. From what we know so far, Step Hero investors have great opportunities to benefit from the wide choice of products and services available on the platform. Investing in the Step Hero RPG Game, Step Hero NFT Marketplace and Step Hero Farming Collectibles are expected to go well, as these are the projects lots of people have been waiting for. Here is why!
  • Hero RPG Game – In the Hero RPG game, the story of the post-apocalyptic battles among the army of Shadows, headed by Lucifer the Demon Lord, as well as the Heroes, commanded by archangel Gabriel, is the foundation of the narrative of the game. Gamers will be playing the role of the heroes. They are involved in several tasks while defeating villains in combat, buying gaming items, and making money in STEP coins.
  • Hero Farming – In Hero Farming, there are two options for using the HERO tokens: using them to stake HEROCOIN to earn HEROPoints or using them to stake HERO-BNB LP to earn FLIP on PancakeSwap. Additionally, users can use points to buy NFTs on the marketplace, which they can trade with other users. These points are destroyed once redemption is complete.
  • NFTs Marketplace – Step Hero NFTs Marketplace allows users to effortlessly generate, sell, and purchase non-fungible tokens. The marketplace has outstanding features like NFTS auctions and affiliate partnerships.

  • Is it possible to purchase and sell HERO Cards on the Step Hero NFTs marketplace?

    es, of course. In the NFTs marketplace, there are distinctive non-fungible tokens (NFTS) known as HERO
    cards. Additionally, digital scarcity is created with these unique tokens on BSC & Polygon. When they
    achieve a particular price, you will be able to sell the cards right on Step Hero’s NFT’s marketplace.

  • How do you obtain LP tokens?

    FLIP tokens (also known as liquidity provider tokens) are in the pool; thus, whenever you deposit $HERO and $BNB into the Step Hero liquidity pool, you will earn FLIP tokens.

Step Hero$HERO
BNB Chain
Launch Date
05 Aug, 2021
Total Raise
30,000 BUSD
07 Aug, 2021
Min Allocation
Max Allocation
1000 BUSD
18% on Claiming Date – 6.8% every month after
Token Price

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