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You’ve most probably heard about The HUSL when the project was open to investing through BullPerks the first time around. And in case you’ve missed it, I have exciting news for you today: Because of the high demand for the projects, The HUSL deal will be reopening for investigators in BullPerks once again!! Here is all you need to know about it! “Our NFT market is built by musicians for musicians,” the team behind the creative project declares boldly on their website’s homepage. The HUSL is a platform that helps artists distribute their music and art through decentralized finance. The project aims to kick-start a new era for artists and celebrities. Musicians worldwide will soon be able to share content with their fans and grow their fan base – but this time through the blockchain network. The platform is specifically designed to cater to the needs of artists and it offers them the opportunity to interact with their fans in a smooth and meaningful way. What’s more? Here are some more wonderful features you want to know about The HUSL!

Key Features of The HUSL

Musicians tend to been seen as the sweetest layer of celebrities as music has a universal language, and thus, musicians have fans all across the world without any discrimination of race, interests, or nationality. The HUSL is a project that was built specifically for the changing landscape of musicians with the goal of boosting well-known as well as talented young artists through decentralized finance. Here are more exciting features of HUSL!
  • DeFi Art – The HUSL presents a unique combination of music and digital art with decentralized finance to inspire young and well-known artists to showcase their best creations(as well as monetize them).
  • NFT Marketplace For Musicians – You’ve most probably heard about Christie’s NFT sale of $69 million or the numerous Crypto Punks getting sold for enormous amounts daily.  Don’t get me wrong – they’re great; but, what about an NFT from your favorite artist? Yes, sir!! The HUSL allows artists and bands to curate, as well as sell non-fungible tokens to their fans without the need for an intermediary.
  • Attractive visuals – The platform intends to boost the career of talented artists by showcasing their creations in a more visually appealing and convincing fashion.
  • An equal playing field for every artist and band – The HUSL is a platform that believes in offering an equal playing field for everyone. For example, a celebrity, and a young artist will both have the same coverage on the platform at the beginning, and it will be only up to the fans to decide which music they want more; and only then one of the artists will get the edge over the other.
  • Users will decide upon the rank of the songs on the platform – The users will be able to rank the music on the platform. The music that is ranked higher will be able to compete with the likes of big names in the industry – even if the artist is doesn’t have a big name for himself/herself.
The HUSL is a relatively new concept contrary to the traditional “celebrities first model” as it gives fans complete control over the rankings, and this is what makes the platform very attractive and unique. And, did I tell you that artists like Busta Rhymes and Yung Bleu are already following The HUSL on Twitter? 🤔 No wonder why so many people have high expectations on the platform!!

Why You Should Consider Joining The HUSL Deal in BullPerks

HUSL is a great chance for investors who are looking out to fund a project that could make a difference in the world of performing and visual art. That’s the exact goal of The HUSL – to make a difference in performing and visual art for the better. Therefore, investing in HUSL is expected to be a wise investment and bear fruit in the future, as the platform has all the ingredients of a great and promising startup. Note*: This is not financial advice. Make sure you do your own homework before deciding to make an investment.

  • Is The HUSL limited to a certain group of people?

    No, The HUSL is open to everyone, and all artists will be able to upload their music on the platform.

  • Is there a fee for uploading music?

    No, uploading music is absolutely free of cost, as the platform believes in providing an equal playing field to every artist and band.

Launch Date
12 Sep, 2021
Total Raise
65,000 BUSD
13 Sep, 2021
Min Allocation
Max Allocation
2000 BUSD
0% at TGE; 1 month cliff; Then - 8.33% monthly for 12 months
Token Price

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