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BullCaster 28 | Blockchain Innovation Unleashed: An In-Depth Look at LightLink
⭐️ BULLCASTER IS BACK! ⭐️ 🤩Join episode #28 of the most anticipated talk show by BullPerks, decentralized venture capital, and launchpad. Meet our next guest: Roy Hui , Founder of LightLink 😎 The show is hosted by BullPerks Co-Founder, Thought Leader, and Meta-Connector Constantin Kogan. Join us at 8:30 AM EST on September 29 (FRIDAY) on YouTube.
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We’re glad you are here. Welcome to BullCaster - a crypto talk show with top industry experts, investors, and outstanding personalities from the DeFi world. Be sure to join our LIVE stream on all social media channels to enjoy all the crypto goodness we offer.
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Constantin Kogan
Co-Founder of BullPerks
Co-Founder of GamesPad, Partner at BitBull Capital, Founder of Adwivo and former Managing Director at Wave Financial. Entrepreneur, meta-connector, influencer, blockchain technology enthusiast and digital asset investor. A top thought leader in hedge funds, IT startups, and venture capital, Kogan holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and an M.Ed.

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