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BullCaster #4 | The Future of GameFi

BullCaster #4 | The Future of GameFi

Ever heard about GameFi? It refers to a decentralized, blockchain-based world of video games that offer players the opportunities to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency and NFTs. With its potential to change the landscape of DeFi and gaming, GameFi is definitely one of the TOP TRENDS to watch in the coming years.

But what the future holds for this emerging niche on the overlay of gaming and decentralized finance?


Learn more on the talk show with our host, GamesPad Co-Founder Constantin Kogan to discuss… The Future of GameFi



Philip Devine, CEO of CryptoBlades – an immersive and exciting NFT game where you can build your empire, conquer the world, and earn real money.



What opportunities does GameFi open for crypto investors?

What is the potential of GameFi even in the bear market?

What’s the future of GameFi?

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