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Equity Anlaşması

BullPerks ile ortak yatırım yaparak servetinizi oluşturun

Tutkuyla bağlı olduğunuz projelere ortak yatırım yapın. Yalnızca Golden Bull, Titanium Bull ve Platinum Bull için geçerlidir.
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Öne çıkan Web3 projelerinde melek yatırımcı olun

Durum Tespiti

Proje ekibi, teknoloji, pazarlama ve finans konularında kapsamlı bir durum tespiti yapıyoruz

Durum Tespiti

Proje ekibi, teknoloji, pazarlama ve finans konularında kapsamlı bir durum tespiti yapıyoruz

Durum Tespiti

Proje ekibi, teknoloji, pazarlama ve finans konularında kapsamlı bir durum tespiti yapıyoruz

Nasıl katılırım?


Platformumuza Kaydolun ve KYC adımını tamamlayın (Nasıl yapacağınızı buradan öğrenin)


Gold, Titanium veya Platinum Tier elde etmek için BLP token’larınızı kilitleyin/stake yapın. Tier sistemi hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinin. (sadece üst tier sahipleri Equity anlaşmalarına erişebilir)


Gelecekteki Equity anlaşmalarımızdan haberdar olmak için Telegram kanalımıza katılın.


Equity anlaşmasına yatırım yapın: BullStarter’a gidin -> sol taraftaki menüden Anlaşmalar -> Equity Anlaşmaları -> Anlaşmayı seçin ve Yatırım Yap’a tıklayın.


Aktarılacağınız formu doldurun. Yeterli yatırımcı taahhüdü toplandığında, katılım için başvuran ve anlaşma için uygun olan kullanıcılar (aşağıdaki feragatnameyi kontrol edin) özel Equity Telegram grubuna davet içeren bir e-posta alacaklar. Özel sohbette, tüm yatırımcılar anlaşma hakkında daha fazla bilgi ve süreçle ilgili daha fazla talimat alacaktır.

Basında BullPerks


  • What is BullPerks?

    BullPerks is the fairest and most community-dedicated decentralized VC and multichain launchpad. Unleashing the power of the blockchain and a decentralized venture fundraising model, BullPerks offers tremendous opportunities to everyone who wants to invest in the best crypto projects on equal terms with VCs. The platform is fully oriented toward the community and provides low entry and access to early-stage projects for users

  • What is an allocation?

    It’s the maximum amount of investment funds in the company available to BullPerks investors.

  • What is SPV?

    SPV (special purpose vehicle) is a type of special purpose company created for a specific project. All investors’ checks are accumulated in the SPV, which goes to the object of investment by a single check and is indicated in its cap table. Every investor becomes the owner of a share in the SPV in accordance with the size of his check.

  • How is the investment process organized?
    1. Exclusive email newsletter.
    2. Investors make “commits” to participate in the deal and register on Allocations.com
    3. After a sufficient number of commits is collected, BullPerks initiates the creation of the SPV on the allocations.
    4. Once the SPV is ready, investors receive an invitation to invest with a link to a platform.
    5. After filling in all the data the platform generates a package of documents (subscription agreement) and details for the transfer of investment.
    6. The investor transfers funds in USDC to the SPV account.
    7. After the deal closure, the investor receives a capital amount statement of the made investment.
  • What are commits?

    Under a commit, we understand the investor’s commitment to participate in the deal with a specific project which is proven by signing an investment agreement (subscription agreement). At this stage, the investor claims that he has funds to make a transfer. By signing this agreement, you confirm that you will make an investment within the specified timeline mentioned in the memorandum of understanding. After signing the document, the cancelation of the investment is not allowed. We don’t use the preliminary commit stage (soft) in our equity deals and only accept hard commits from investors.

  • What does the legal structure of BullPerks look like?

  • Is it possible to invest in crypto?

    Yes, you can invest in USDC.

  • What is a minimal check?

    The minimal investment is 5,000 USDC

    Investment check / Setup fee, % / Carried Interest, %
    5,000 – 9,999 / 8% / 20%
    10,000 – 20,999 / 7% / 20%
    21,000 – 50,999 / 6% / 19%
    51,000 – 100,999 / 5% / 18%
    101,000+ / 4% / 17%

  • Who is a qualified investor?

    A qualified investor is a person who owns a Golden, Titanium, or Platinum tier on the BullStarter launchpad, has a permanent residence, and doesn’t reside in the Russian Federation.

  • What documents does the investor receive as proof of investment?

    The Capital Account Statement is a document confirming the ownership of the share in the SPV. The Subscription Agreement is a document that regulates the rights and obligations of transaction participants. The documents will be available in the investor’s personal account on the platform for 2 weeks after the transaction closure.

  • When is the summing up of the deal?

    It takes place after the exit of the SPV from the object of investment, which happens in two scenarios:

    1. A sale via a merger or an acquisition of the company’s IPO. This is the way to complete the investment, but it’s closely related to the company’s strategy and the investor doesn’t have much influence on the events.
    2. A sale of shares in the secondary market to another (usually larger) investor.
  • How are the profits distributed?

    Return on investment and distribution of profits takes place after the SPV withdrawal from the object of investment. The investor receives the return on his investment check (minus the setup fee). Then, the net worth is distributed according to the investor’s shares in the SPV. The carry (success fee) will be specified in the documents you will receive before making the investment.

  • What taxes are levied for the profits?

    The investor’s income must be self-declared by him with the tax authority he is registered with.