BullPerks Monthly Update - August 2023 1 BullPerks

Welcome to BullPerks‘ monthly update for August 2023! We are excited to share the latest developments and achievements from our decentralized VC and IDO launchpad platform. Here’s a recap of the exciting events that took place last month:

Notable Engagements:

Exciting Podcast on Binance Live: 

In an extraordinary episode of Crypto OGs, the incredible andreswifitv hosted a captivating podcast on Binance Live, featuring none other than our Co-Founders: Constantin Kogan & Eran Elhanani! They discussed the world’s first decentralized Venture Capital and multi-chain launchpad.

BullCaster Continues to Shine: 

BullCaster had two standout guests in August. Leo Lu, Director of Platform at Struck Crypto, and Zach Hungate, a Web3 Venture Capitalist and the Founder of Spawn Point Media. The show, hosted by BullPerks & GamesPad Co-Founder Constantin Kogan, continues to captivate and inform the crypto community with its engaging episodes.

Zealy Community Success

Celebrating Our Second Sprint Champions

It was with great pleasure that we announced and celebrated the exceptional participants who emerged as winners during that exciting period, with a prize pool of $500. Their commitment and hard work truly set them apart.

3rd Sprint Launch

The Zealy community continues to thrive with additional tasks, allowing participants to earn more XPs. Last August, we launched the thrilling 3rd Zealy Sprint campaign with a $500 prize pool, and the countdown is on for our winners to be revealed on Sept. 14! Hurry, join the exciting contest and win big!

Interactive Sessions and Feedback

AMA with Co-Founders: 

Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan, the Co-Founders of BullPerks, answered your questions in an engaging AMA session. They provided insights into the company’s latest developments and news.

Feedback on BullPerks Launchpad: 

Our Feedback Form continued to gather valuable input, helping us refine BullPerks Launchpad and shape our offerings based on your insights.

Commitment to the Community: 

We’re committed to the Crypto Bulls community by prolonging the lockup of Team and Treasury tokens, as well as DEX liquidity, for an additional year. Witness our dedication to decentralizing investment.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Collaboration with Think and Invest: 

BullPerks is excited to collaborate with Think and Invest, your gateway to free investing education, embraced by Microsoft & Apple employees. 

Empowering Women in Crypto: 

We’re proud to announce a collaboration with CryptoFemale, an inspiring open collective of women in blockchain, Web 3.0, NFT, and art. Together, we’re fostering exchange, education, and collaboration within the blockchain and crypto communities, building a stronger network of empowered female professionals.

Transition and Currency Updates

Transition to USDT BEP-20: 

In line with our commitment to improving user experiences on BullStarter, we initiated a gradual transition from BUSD to USDT BEP-20, ensuring seamless IDOs using our user-friendly Swap & Bridge feature for converting your BUSD to USDT with the best rates.

We appreciate your trust and support in BullPerks. As we look towards the future, we remain dedicated to providing you with a user-centric platform. Stay tuned for more updates, events, and exciting IDOs coming on BullPerks!

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