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The Importance of Blockchain Interoperability in 2023
Blockchain interoperability is an important milestone in the blockchain development. It is expected to move the industry to a qualitatively different level and contribute greatly to blockchain development and, eventually, to its mass adoption. Constantin Kogan, BullPerks co-founder, and Temujin Louie, Vice President in Marking and Growth at Wanchain, are discussing the possible developments in blockchain interoperability and the challenges that developers are facing in the BullPerks episode. Let's explore...
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How to Invest in Crypto Gaming
Blockchain technology is becoming increasingly incorporated into online games. Cryptocurrency games were responsible for the use of almost half of blockchain use in 2021, and this trend continues to increase. Unlike traditional games where players don't own in-game assets (pay-to-play model), crypto games introduce such a concept as ownership of digital assets. This is why gaming coins and non-fungible tokens have become popular choices for those who want to invest...
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