BullPerks Monthly Update - June 2023: Celebrating Milestones and Driving Crypto Innovation 1 BullPerks

BullPerks, the decentralized VC and IDO launchpad company, showcased its resilience and innovative spirit throughout June 2023, despite the challenges posed by the crypto bear market. The company achieved significant milestones and continued to revolutionize decentralized venture fundraising and provide equal investment opportunities. Let’s explore the exciting developments that shaped BullPerks’ journey in June:

Successful IDO Completion: Paysenger and HyperGPT

BullPerks successfully completed two Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) in June, namely Paysenger and HyperGPT. The results were as follows:

Paysenger IDO:

Total funds raised: 160,000 BUSD

EGO token allocation: 2,666,666 tokens


Total funds raised: 150,000 BUSD

HGPT token allocation: 18,750,000 tokens

These successful IDOs further established BullPerks as a premier launchpad within the crypto industry.

Enhanced BullClaimer Platform for Streamlined User Experience

User Interface Update:

The main page now offers a cleaner view with the removal of “Claim” buttons.

Improved intuitiveness and reduced clutter for enhanced user experience.

Access to Project Page:

Users can now access the Project page by clicking on the project name or using the “Go to claim” button.

Essential Functionalities:

Timers and “Finished” options remain easily accessible in both connected and disconnected states.

Bug Fix:

Addressed a bug that caused timers to freeze, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

BullPerks’ 2-Year Anniversary: Reflections and Milestones

Established Leading Launchpad:

BullPerks celebrated its 2-year anniversary in the crypto industry.

The company has emerged as a leading launchpad, boasting a large global community of Crypto Bulls.

Equal Investment Opportunities:

BullPerks remains committed to providing incredible investment opportunities on equal terms with traditional venture capitalists.

Impressive ROI:

BullPerks achieved an average ATH ROI of 4176% for all deals, attracting seasoned investors and newcomers to the crypto space.

Recognition and Interest:

BullPerks garnered an impressive 337K watchlists on CoinMarketCap, highlighting the company’s achievements and growing interest in its offerings.

Diverse and Multicultural Team:

With over 50 dedicated team members from diverse backgrounds, BullPerks’ success is driven by a talented and multicultural workforce.

BullPerks’ Thought Leadership at Industry Events

The Future of Global Finance Event:

Co-Founder Constantin Kogan served as a guest speaker at the event held in Costa Rica.

He shared insights and expertise on the future of decentralized finance, showcasing BullPerks’ position as a thought leader in the industry.

World Token Summit:

Co-Founder Eran Elhanani delivered valuable insights at the prestigious summit held in Dubai.

His contributions demonstrated BullPerks’ commitment to shaping the future of decentralized finance.

Zealy Contest: Engaging the BullPerks Community

Launch of Zealy Contest:

BullPerks initiated the Zealy Contest in June, aiming to engage and involve new and old community members within the BullPerks ecosystem.

Enthusiastic Community Response:

The community responded with great enthusiasm, showcasing their active participation and support.

Cross-Chain Swap Bridge Feature on BullStarter

Introduction of Cross-Chain Swap Bridge:

BullPerks introduced the Cross-Chain Swap Bridge feature on BullStarter, expanding the platform’s capabilities.

Instant Access to Over 400 Tokens:

Users can now enjoy instant access to over 400 tokens across 15 networks through the Cross-Chain Swap Bridge.

Deep Liquidity andCompetitive Rates:

The Cross-Chain Swap Bridge feature provides users with deep liquidity and competitive rates for their token swaps, ensuring efficient and cost-effective transactions.

Driving Decentralized Finance Adoption:

By bridging different blockchain ecosystems, BullPerks aims to drive the widespread adoption of decentralized finance and foster interoperability within the crypto space.

Unparalleled Investment Opportunities:

The Cross-Chain Swap Bridge feature on BullStarter empowers users with unparalleled investment opportunities, allowing them to explore and access a wide range of tokens and projects.

New Hires at BullPerks

BullPerks is pleased to announce the addition of three talented individuals to its team:

Executive Assistant:

The newly hired Executive Assistant will play a crucial role in providing vital support to the BullPerks’ Co-Founders and the team, ensuring smooth operations and efficient workflow.

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO):

BullPerks welcomes the new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to spearhead the company’s marketing strategies, brand development, and customer engagement initiatives, further strengthening BullPerks’ market presence.

Influencer Marketing Specialist:

The Influencer Marketing Specialist will contribute to expanding BullPerks’ reach and visibility through strategic collaborations with influencers in the crypto and finance industry, fostering wider adoption of BullPerks’ services and offerings.

These new hires bring valuable skills and expertise to the BullPerks team, reinforcing the company’s operations and driving continued growth.

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Disclaimer.This material should not be construed as a basis for making investment decisions or as a recommendation to participate in investment transactions. Trading digital assets may involve significant risks and can result in the loss of invested capital. Therefore, you must ensure that you fully understand the risk involved, consider your level of experience, investment objectives, and seek independent financial advice if necessary.