BullPerks Monthly Update - October 2023 - BullPerks
BullPerks Monthly Update – October 2023
BullPerks Monthly Update – October 2023
10 Nov, 2023
BullPerks Monthly Update - October 2023 1

What’s up, Crypto Bulls?

Let’s dive into the heart-pounding, adrenaline-fueled recap of BullPerks’ October rampage. Get ready for a tale of launches, deals, and a community that throws down like no other!

Klubcoin IDO – Sold Out Success!

12,500,000 🪩 $KLUB in the BullPerks coffers. 150,000 💲 $USDT Raised. The Klubcoin IDO – a triumph! We raised the roof with 150,000 💲 $USDT and welcomed 12,500,000 🪩 $KLUB to the BullPerks family. Stay tuned for more epic news from this dynamic duo!

BullPerks 3.0 Unveiled – Welcome to the Future!

BullPerks 3.0 – A sleek, modern redesign of our website. Dark mode activated, ushering in a new era of crypto excellence. Navigate through the BullPerks universe with style!

Exclusive Equity Deal – Consensys on the Horizon!

BullPerks dives into an exclusive Consensys equity deal, snagging pre-IPO shares of Consensys, the powerhouse behind MetaMask. Confidential details are shared only with the top-tier Bulls ready to ride this crypto wave.

Co-Founder Constantin Kogan on Cointelegraph – Decrypting Bitcoin ETFs!

Constantin Kogan, BullPerks Co-Founder, breaks down the math and weight behind Bitcoin ETFs. A deep dive into the potential tipping point for crypto acceptance. Read all about it on here!


Guest: Tom Fleetham, Zilliqa’s Head of BD. BullCaster, the crypto talk show, hit the airwaves with Tom Fleetham as the special guest. The topic? Blockchain in Sports, Gaming, and Loyalty. Missed it? No worries, the crypto echoes are still ringing. Watch it here.

Crypto Hunters IDO: November 28

Buckle up for an adventure-reality show like never before! The pioneers at Crypto Hunters are blending AI, AR, VR, Blockchain, Crypto, and NFTs to create a digital frontier experience. Get ready to dive into the world of $CRH on November 28, as BullPerks launches Crypto Hunters’ IDO.

Galaxis IDO: November 30

Mark your calendars once again, because on November 30, Galaxis is set to become the next crypto battleground. BullPerks Bulls are gearing up for war, and with top communities like The Association and Steve Aoki joining the fray, NFT mayhem is inevitable. BullPerks is fueling the launch of Galaxis, promising a crypto battleground of epic proportions.

AMA Madness

Bulls, you brought the heat with your questions, and our Co-Founders unleashed the crypto wisdom. It was a showdown of epic proportions. Insider info on company moves, future schemes, and equity deals. Co-Founders Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan took the stage in a face-melting AMA session.

BullPerks Nation Speaks

Your voices were weapons of mass influence. We revamped the staking game, brought killer VC opportunities, and dropped hints about insane IDO deals. The BullPerks community is not just heard, it roars! VC Deals and IDO Deals Galore. New Staking Pool in December. 

October was not just a normal month, it was a crypto saga written by the Bulls, for the Bulls. The journey continues, and BullPerks is leading the charge into the uncharted territories of the crypto frontier.

Hold tight, Crypto Bulls – the best is yet to come!

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