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Apricot Finance, the revolutionary DeFi protocol for financial loans, is set to launch on BullPerks. Apricot is set to change the environment of financial loans. As the concept is new and revolutionary, it is expected to attract a vast number of users. Apricot aims to facilitate its borrowers and help them secure the funding they are looking for while ensuring safety for the investors “DeFi the way you DeFi” is what the team behind the project promises. What do they mean by that? What is Apricot Finance all about? Here is all you need to know about Apricot Finance, and why you don’t miss this deal on BullPerks!

What is Apricot Finance?

Apricot Finance is a decentralized system for devolved financial services, that offers you over-collateralized loan protocols. The platform is one of the first of its kind that aims to offer you low liquidation penalties with high predictability in result through their feature known as “Apricot Lend”. Moreover, the project’s “Apricot Rescue” feature will offer a 2-hour liquidation guarantee to provide lenders safety in position clearing within a short time span. The ultimate mission of the platform – “DeFi the way you DeFi” – aims to make Apricot Finance the service its users can rely on and don’t want to change when it comes to personalized DeFi services.

Unique Features of Apricot Finance

Here are some features Apricot Finance has to offer:
  • Apricot Lend – The Apricot project will initially launch the Apricot Lend, a collateralized lending protocol that aims to maximize users’ borrowing power while minimizing liquidation penalties and uncertainties.
  • Smooth lending model – Apricot Finance believes that offering a borrower-friendly model will attract borrowing demand as well as drive up the deposit interest rate under their model.
Additionally, Apricot plans to launch a rich set of related products in near future to accommodate a wide range of user needs, and they include:
  • Book-based fixed-rate loans
  • Low-to-no collateral loans
  • Template-based high-frequency operations

Why Invest in the Apricot Finance

The Apricot team has numerous years of experience in applied economics and traditional finance, with massive success in the bag around fintech consulting, high-frequency trading, alternative credit investing, and investment banking. The team behind Apricot Finance – having embraced the DeFi right after its public launch – is confident to give a better shape to today’s financial market. Having gathered by the beginning of this year, the team decided to work on a new, borrower-friendly model, without compromising the safety of the lenders – and the feature is now known as Apricot Lend. Additionally, they decided to rely on the Solana network due to its sub-second finality a well as the high transaction throughput.

  • How can I invest in Apricot?

    You can invest in Apricot through BullPerks.

  • Where can I find the Apricot Finance Whitepaper?

    Apricot has published their whitepaper a couple of months back, which answers all your queries and highlights future ventures.

  • When can we expect the launch of Apricot Lend?

    Although the exact date is kept under the wraps, the platform is expected to launch its project Apricot Lend by the end of this year.

Apricot Finance$APT
Launch Date
07 Sep, 2021
Total Raise
45,000 BUSD
08 Sep, 2021
Min Allocation
Max Allocation
1125 BUSD
10% on TGE; Then – 20% Each Quarter for 12 months; 10% – Last Quarter
Token Price

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