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The project that has already grabbed the attention of numerous gaming enthusiasts - Cryowar - is set to launch on BullPerks. From StepHero, and Monsta Infinite to GemGuardian - and now Cryowar - BullPerks has already delivered some ground-breaking NFT-based gaming projects. The most recent one, Cryowar, is a well-thought gaming project based on the Solana network that involves the PVP arena multiplying model and NFTs. Here is all you need to know about Cryowar and why you don’t want to miss this deal on BullPerks!

What is Cryowar?

Cryowar is an NFT-based PVP arena multiplayer game developed on Unreal Engine and based on the Solana network. The game is about engaging in wild real-time battles in the extraordinary Sci-Fi Medieval world of gaming. The war for more resources, territories, as well as domination, will be constant among both new and well-known players since that’s some of the main purposes of the gameplay. As a player of Cryowar, you will have to protect your possessions, and gain great rewards in turn. “Only the strongest will crown the leaderboards”, is what the development team claims in their whitepaper. You will be able to find Cryowar as an application for your Android, or iOS device, as well as your PC. Here are some more astonishing features the game has to offer!

Unique Features of Cryowar

  • Multiplayer NFT - Cryowar is an NFT-based multiplayer game with astonishing PVP arena battle gameplays.
  • An amalgam gaming experience - Cryowar is a well-thought mixture between traditional gaming experiences and the “play 2 earn” model of the gaming on the blockchain networks, NFTs, DAO voting, as well as decentralized finance (DeFi).
  • Deflationary - The deflationary mechanisms of the Cryowar gaming ecosystem allow the integration of staking with gameplay, which in turn, offers more rewards and experience for the RPG stakers.
  • Multi-chain Medieval Metaverse - The team aims to develop a Medieval Metaverse model supported by multiple blockchain networks.
  • Brief sessions of gameplay - Because most internet users as well as gamers nowadays tend to go through attention deficit disorder (ADD), the team has come up with a brief time needed to complete a session. The rounds will last around 3 minutes in total, which makes it a great option for a quick and fun break, whenever you may be. 
  • “No Pay To Win” - The team boasts the fact that they don’t plan to give an advantage to the “big spenders” of in-game purchases. The only way you can go up to the ranks and win battles is by using your creativity and skills. We’ve always wanted a game that doesn’t require spending a fortune just to succeed at it, haven’t we?
  • Low costs of transactions in the game - Because the project is based on the Solana network, the transactions are lower than in any other DEX, at only $0.00001 per transaction.
Moreover, as a player of Cryowar, you will have to be ever-ready for what the “life” in the game may bring to you, as the game randomly changes the level objectives at the start of every match.

Why Invest in Cryowar

Cryowar team has succeeded perfectly well at taking advantage of the Unreal Engine 4 graphical power, which will offer you astonishing, near PC-level graphics at up to 120 frames per second into your smartphone. Cryowar’s goals are to develop a long-term, solid, and continuously evolving gaming ecosystem, where developers, investors, and players can all express their diverse imaginations and add up to the new modes and features.

  • Where can I invest in Cryowar?

    You can join the Cryowar deal on BullPerks, which will be opened very soon!

  • What is Cryowar’s official token?

    CWAR is Cryowar’s official token, that is yet to be released.

  • In which blockchain is Cryowar built on?

    The project is based on the Solana network. However, the team plans to expand it to more blockchains in the future.

Launch Date
10 Oct, 2021
Total Raise
1,944,444.44 CWAR
10 Oct, 2021
Min Allocation
19.8 BUSD
Max Allocation
1008 BUSD
10% at TGE; Then – 4.5% a month for 20 months
Token Price

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