World of Cryptia
World of Cryptia
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Cryptia gaming project is getting launched on BullPerks. Past gaming projects we launched at BullPerks have worked wonders; as a matter of fact, they didn’t need more than a couple of seconds to be completely finished. Cryptia is a blockchain-based fantasy RPG game based on NFTs. The team behind Cryptia has immense experience in the industry and the project is expected to be one of the biggest players in the “play to earn” gaming world. Here is all you need to know about Cryptia, and why you don’t want to miss the chance to invest in the deal on BullPerks! World of Cryptia 2

What is Cryptia?

Cryptia is an all-around fantasy RPG game based on the blockchain. In Cryptia, you will be able to own characters, find out about new items, as well as explore the Ruins in the fantasy world. Moreover, you will be able to earn, buy, sell, trade, or upgrade certain items with unique features that will give you an advantage over the Monsters you will have to face; winning over Monsters will earn you rewards that you can either use in-game or withdraw. Here is how the idea of the gameplay began: At the beginning of the world of Cryptia, there used to be 4 nations with different magical powers:
  • The first nation possessed the magic of fire and the power of words.
  • The second nation possessed the magic of water and the power of the dragons.
  • The third nation – which was the land of fairies – flourished by the magic of the win.
  • The fourth nation included subhumans and demons and possessed the power of the earth.
However, the time of the 4 nations has passed and now the world is waiting for a new ruler – and you have the chance to be the one.

Unique Features of Cryptia

Here are some of the one-of-a-kind features that make Cryptia stand apart:
  • Earn and Play – As much fun the game is to play, so are expected its benefits to be.
  • Unique NFT characters – Each NFT character is equipped with special powers.
  • Special in-game items – You will have the chance to earn, buy, trade, or upgrade certain items that can be your game-changer. Monster Hunt – You will be able to hunt monsters, and gain great rewards in turn; your skills and knowledge will make the difference towards your success in the Monster Hunt.
  • Engaging gameplay – This one-of-a-kind gameplay allows you to team up and engage with other players while battling Monsters and passing the levels. You will also need the help of your teammates in the Team Ruins Exploration feature.
  • PvP gaming model – Cryptia world allows you to enter into a PvP gaming model, as well as Guild Wars.
  • Community-governed – As a holder of Cryptia’s official token – CRYPT – you will be able to vote on the settings as well as have governing rights over the community and the gameplay.
  • Mobile-compatible – You will be able to smoothly play Cryptia on your mobile since the game offers a very mobile-friendly experience.

Why Invest in Cryptia

The reasons that make Cryptia a great investment opportunity are numerous. The engaging gameplay, P2E (Play To Earn) model, unique features and characters, as well as the massive experience of the team behind the project are an incredible combination that makes Cryptia stand out from the ever-growing number of gaming projects in 2021. Moreover, GIANTY Inc. – which is the parent company of Cryptia – has been in the market since 2001, and are experts when it comes to mobile compatibility, making it possible for you to have a smooth game from anywhere – anytime.

  • Does Cryptia have an official token?

    Yes, the Cryptia project has an official token and is known as CRYPT. However, the game also uses a token known as the TIA token for in-game rewards and purchases.

  • How can I invest in the Cryptia deal?

    You will be able to grab a piece of the pie by creating an account on BullPerks, reach your favorite Tier, and get in the deal – as simple as that.

  • What is a P2E gaming project?

    P2E stands for “Play To Earn”, which represents the games that offer you in-game rewards, as well as the opportunity to make real money and income.

World of Cryptia$CRPYT
BNB Chain
Launch Date
15 Sep, 2021
Total Raise
35,000 BUSD
15 Sep, 2021
Min Allocation
Max Allocation
1085 BUSD
15% on TGE; 2 Months Cliff; Then – Monthly linear vesting over 12 months
Token Price

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