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will be launched on BullStarter

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BullPerks is delighted to announce the CryptoBlades Kingdom deal for its community.

CryptoBlades, one of the most sought-after crypto gaming projects for 2021, has a new and more advanced version coming up – the Cryptoblades Kingdom. The new gaming project is set to launch on the BullPerks platform.

The initial game, CryptoBlades, is well-known for its variety of features, numerous characters and weapons they plan to launch, as well as the generous rewarding system for the gamers, and the new version is a whole new level.

What is the CryptoBlades Kingdom, what does it differ from the initial CryptoBlades, and why you don’t want to miss this deal on BullPerks?

Here is all you need to know!

Launch Date


Total Raise

5,000,000 King

Min Allocation


Max Allocation

1500 BUSD

Token Information


Cryptoblades Kingdom



Token Price



Vesting: 0% at TGE; 3 months cliff; Then – 10% per month



What is the CryptoBlades Kingdom?

CryptoBlades Kingdom is the advanced version of the unique and contemporary role-playing NFT game – CryptoBlades – and once again is set to grab the spotlight of play-to-earn gaming. The new version will present more advanced gameplay, more features, lands, guilds, dungeons, buildings, PvP, PvE, as well as more options to make profits with.

The game has been developed by the skillful and experienced team of Riveted Games and is based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. Similar to the initial CryptoBlades, the main concept of the game is to make it possible for the players to earn rewards in the form of its official token, KING, every time they achieve a victory in a battle on PvP, PvE, Dungeons, or take part in raids.

As part of the strategy of the game, players will be able to forge unique weapons and use those weapons to improve their strength and power, add more characters, buy and conquer the land, as well as form alliances to beat bigger enemies. Additionally, players will be able to use the open marketplace to trade their characters and weapons.

Unique Features of CryptoBlades Kingdom

Here are some of the features that make the CryptoBlades Kingdom stand out from its competitors:

  • Land – Some of the lands in the game are named as:
    – Empty
    – Friendly
    – Hostile
    – Barbarian
    Some of these land plots are in a neutral area (where you can not lose it to others), while other land plots can be in the player vs. player (PvP), or Guild vs. Guild area(where you can lose your land by getting attacked from other players, but the advantages are way bigger, too). Some of the land plots will be randomly given to the users, while others can be won through PvP battles or raids.
  • GuildsIn this elevated version of CryptoBlades, the concept of Guilds will be a totally new and exciting experience. The Guild feature will allow you to connect with other players, form alliances, and support each other fighting the enemies – especially bigger ones that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to defeat on your own.
  • Special Quests – The quests in the Cryptoblades Kingdom can happen daily, during special events, or based on the Guild gameplay.
  • Rewards You will be rewarded in KINGs and character experience whenever you defeat an enemy. The higher the power of the enemy you defeat, the higher your reward in KINGs will be. 
  • CryptoBlades Kingdom Marketplace Because at its core the CryptoBlades Kingdom is a blockchain game, you will be able to own, store, or even trade your NFT characters and weapons in the game. You can buy, sell, or trade your NFT through the easy-to-use marketplace on the platform.

Why Invest in the CryptoBlades Kingdom

The vision of CryptoBlades Kingdom’s talented and experienced team is for players to take control of their digital assets, advance the adoption of the blockchain, and bring the Play To Earn (P2E) concept to a new level.

They aim to offer a fun and rewarding experience for the players – something they have already proven with the first version of Cryptoblades. Additionally, they plan to build an ecosystem of rewarding gaming, as well as a massive community of crypto gaming enthusiasts.


CryptoBlades is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

You can invest in the CryptoBlades Kingdom by joining the deal on BullPerks. All you need to do is lock your tokens so you can get to the Tier you are looking for, and join the deal once it opens.

Yes, the CryptoBlades Kingdom has an official token and it is known as KING; however, the SKILL tokens will still be used for certain in-game purchases, and rewards.

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