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BullPerks is excited to inform you about an upcoming VC deal with Devvio. This project aims to lead the industry by dealing with problems such as governance, scalability, volatility, cost, transaction fees, privacy, issuances, fraud, and theft.

About Devvio

Devvio is a next-generation blockchain platform that is the fastest and most scalable globally. Creating a protocol the company calls CevvX, which is scalable up to eight million TPS at a fraction of the cost of ETH. The platform is a regulatory compliant blockchain framework for managing token launches, asset registries, user identities, and exchange capabilities. Devvio also transfers and maintains the value of assets, cryptocurrencies, tokens, payments, and NFTS. Devvio’s blockchain platform is primarily intended for corporate use, especially for companies that require a high level of security. It will be used in the industries such as financial services, data management, and any other iteration of a company that needs to manage privacy, verify identity, and do logistics. The team behind Devvio began its journey by building an unrivaled portfolio of intellectual property and patents, embodying a unique technological approach to blockchain implementation. As a result, Devvio is one of the first companies to focus on developing large-scale enterprise blockchain applications deployed around the world, a truly exciting feat for the crypto industry. Devvio 2

Devvio’s strengths

  • Solving all blockchain problems. The project aims to solve scalability, cost, stability, fraud/theft/loss, and privacy issues.
  • Extreme high throughput. Achieved by combining the output of T2 blockchains into another separate blockchain.
  • A unique vision that cannot but inspire. Devvio’s goal is to provide innovative solutions for businesses while fulfilling their humanitarian goals. The project aims to provide a reliable worldwide source for truth and build global infrastructure capabilities for value transfer.
  • Compliant with regulatory bodies. Devvio has another trust-based methodology for private transactions implemented through INN. It allows private transactions to the public and complies with government laws such as KYC, AML, etc.
  • Distinctive solution for smart contracts. The implementation of smart contracts is intended to improve the representation capabilities of digital assets. Smart contracts in the Devvio protocol are implemented as part of the core protocol itself or as smart coins (other types of ownership and identification besides Devv itself and implementations for processing and operations in the chain) that provide additional functionality.

Why You Should Consider Investing In Devvio

Devvio aspires to fix all blockchain problems with one streamlined platform solution. Their goals are incredibly ambitious, and they are confident in their unique and innovative approach to facing these challenges head-on. With a potentially promising green offering in this space, Devvio claims its blockchain network can solve the problems that others lack, including integration with financial institutions and efficiency. Including the revolutionary ability to process up to eight million transactions per second. On top of being the fastest at processing transactions, Devvio is also cheaper than the alternatives, such as the Ethereum blockchain protocol, because Devvio uses a commission-free consensus mechanism called Proof of Validation. Employing a process called “sharding”, which is a way to distribute the CPU load on a blockchain network to improve efficiency. There are very few startups that manage to make such an impactful breakthrough in technology as the developers of Devvio did. As a result, this emerging technology could flip the entire market upside down, affecting and improving every area of the industry.

    BNB Chain
    Launch Date
    20 Jan, 2022
    Total Raise
    7,501.88 DevvE
    20 Jan, 2022
    Min Allocation
    21 BUSD
    Max Allocation
    1170 BUSD
    Token Price

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