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  BullPerks is ready to launch the IDO many of you have been waiting for. The Flourishing Capital IDO deal with be launched on the 21st of September. With 3 VC deals and 3 more IDO deals in a matter of days in between – the Real Bulls are on fire! This time, we have agreed to launch one of the hottest AI-based capital investing companies –  Florushing Capital AI – in the form of an IDO deal. “Staying ahead of crypto markets requires a neutral network solution operating at scale – so we built it. No one else comes close,” claims the Flourishing AI team. And we are very excited for this concept to come to life. Here is why you should be excited about it too! Flourishing Capital 2

What is Flourishing Capital?

Flourishing AI is the first AI-based Decentralized Finance (DeFi) investment analysis platform for traders of any level of experience or budget plan. While Flourishing AI started with a simple concept brainstorming and a whitepaper, today the Flourishing AI is a well-thought and promising project. The platform will offer you the opportunity to rebalance your portfolio as well as find out about quick profit opportunities. No wonder that the platform is used by investors who aim to profit in bull markets and save their capital in bear markets! The team built this platform to help you make informed investment decisions by using deep learning blockchain analysis and high-frequency trading. Here are some more benefits that Florushing AI has to offer:
  • Rebalance portfolio composition; sometimes multiple times within a minute, in order to protect the profits.
  • The probability rates of a certain token to hit the target price in the following hours or days.
  • Note the “unpredictable” factors that can give another direction to your portfolio.

Unique Features of Flourishing Capital

While the user experience that Flourishing AI offers is quite similar to DEX trading interfaces, there are 3 unique features that make the platform stand apart. Here they are:
  • Flourishing AI automatically self-corrects, based on the findings around the market activity – The traditional automated systems we know tend to trigger buy or sell walls, and make buys or sells quicker than needed; and if numerous other investors are using the same algorithm, then this often leads to a self-originated crash. However, this is not the case with Flourishing AI – the platform offers a self-correcting system. The system is constructed to understand volumes, smoothly leveling the buying and selling so as to avoid crashes due to its own trading activity. Flourishing AI immediately rebalances your portfolio – often multiple times per minute – according to market adjustments, which makes it hard to be replaced by a human trader or investor.
  • Flourishing AI analyzes the blockchain deeply – As the AI analyses and monitors almost every wallet on the blockchain, it makes it possible for the AI to come up with accurate information on the emerging patterns, as well as the potential changes of the prices in the following hours, days, or even longer periods.
  • Flourishing AI’s high-frequency trading API is tremendously fast – The traditional APIs that most platforms rely on are unable to offer high-frequency trading to dynamically adapt portfolio strategies. However, Flourishing Capital’s product – HFT API – performs up to 10 times faster than its counterparts, which makes it perfect for high-frequency trading.

Why Invest in Flourishing Capital

Flourishing Capital is the new way of taking advantage of the shorting opportunities of the bear markets without having to do all the researching by yourself. Moreover, Flourishing AI offers automatic low-risk trades such as stablecoin arbitrage and market-making while waiting for more generous opportunities to show up; meanwhile, you will always be able to change the trading module to the manual, instead. To wrap it up, Flourishing Capital AI helps you avoid unforeseeable swings and predicts the black swan events you can take advantage of.

  • Where can I invest in Flourishing Capital’s IDO?

    You can invest in Flourishing Capital’s IDO on BullPerks platforms. You can join our Telegram channel to stay updated on the latest news on the deal.

  • Do I need to register for the whitelist on BullPerks?

    You don’t have to register for a whitelist to be able to invest in a deal on BullPerks. You simply need to lock or stake enough tokens to upgrade to your favorite Tier in the platform, where each Tier will receive a different allocation.

  • What is AI?

    AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and represents the intelligence performed by machines (contrary to natural intelligence from human beings).

Flourishing Capital$AI
BNB Chain
Launch Date
21 Sep, 2021
Total Raise
64,000 BUSD
21 Sep, 2021
Min Allocation
Max Allocation
1152 BUSD
33% at TGE and 3% daily after (will be distributed every 11th day)
Token Price

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