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GemGuardian – the sought-after gaming in the BSC network – is set to be launched on BullPerks

on Thursday, 9th of September, at 1:15 PM UTC.

Following some extraordinary projects we’re released recently – such as Flurry Finance, Monsoon Finance, or Monsta Infinite – BullPerks is ready to release another massive gaming rocket. This time, the launchpad has in the cue an NFT card-based project that gaming enthusiasts have been waiting for a while.

GemGuardian is an NFT-based card game that is expected to make a lot of buzz in DeFi gaming.

Here is why we’re thrilled to launch Gem Guardian on BullPerks!

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Launch Date


Total Raise

437,500 GemG

Min Allocation

17,5 BUSD

Max Allocation

980 BUSD

Token Information





Token Price



1/7 on TGE and a 1/7 per month for next 6 months after

What Is GemGuardian?

GemGuarandian is a contemporary NFT concept of a card game based in the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network.

The game was developed by a group of talented and experienced gaming enthusiasts in the Philippines known as GemGuardian Games Group. The main concept of the game is basically for you to compete with other Guardians in the game – such as a PvP model – and get rewarded with Aura for every victory. Except for Aura, you will be rewarded in the form of Experience Points (XP), increased attacking and defensive points, as well as the level of your Dragon.

When increasing your Guardian’s points – as well as the ones of your Dragon – you increase the chances of getting rewarded more Gpay points – which is the token of the reward system in the platform.

The platform operates with 2 kinds of utility tokens:

1. GemG – GemG token offers governance rights, staking, as well as payment for Lootboxes.
2. Gpay – Gpay is the token that will mainly be used as a medium of exchange, and can be earned through playing the game.

However, the unique features of GemGuardian don’t end here. Here are some more fantastic features that make Gem Guardian stand out!

Unique Features of Gem Guardian

Attractive element-style battle model

The gameplay will offer 5 elemental styles of the Guardian and the Dragon. Certain element styles have a natural advantage towards some others by 20%, while a disadvantage to the rest.

Here are the 5 element styles you will find on GemGuardian:

  • Earth Gem
  • Ice Gem
  • Wood Gem
  • Fire Gem
  • Metal Gem

In short:

Steel > Wood > Ice > Fire > Earth> Steel.

Abundant marketplace

The marketplace of Gem Guardian is abundant in choices and features. Once go in there, you will find 4 sections that will allow you to buy, sell, and trade (such as Guardians and Dragons), while the last one will be dedicated entirely to the NFT creation.

Additionally, the marketplace is rich in options, including the ones to filter and categorize the Dragons and Guardians you are searching for, as well as the selling of your NFT or other valuables to the highest bidder.

A generous staking feature

The platform will have a staking feature where you will be eligible to receive rewards by simply locking your tokens in. Since the Gpay you earn in the battle will not earn you interest randomly, the team suggests you stake them so you can earn interest. Additionally, the process of staking on GemGuardian is smooth and simple.

Easy withdrawal of Gpay

The process of withdrawing Gpays – the tokens in the form of which you will receive the rewards – is easy and straightforward. All you have to do is go to your dashboard where you will see the amount of reward available in your account.

However, you will want to keep your tokens in for a period of at least 14 days, to avoid getting deducted from the amount in the form of a fine.

You will receive the payment in your MetaMask a few moments after you decide to click “Confirm” on the transaction.

Why Invest in Gem Guardian?

The team plans to offer a game that doesn’t require its gamers to be tech-savvy or spend a large amount of time playing in order to make a substantial income.

The experienced and talented development team behind GemGuardian aims to set a well-organized “Play to Earn” platform with exciting gameplay and increase the embracing of the blockchain gaming ecosystem. Moreover, the team plans to make staking and earning while playing a fun experience that will boost the image of the DeFi gaming industry.


All you need are 5 Gemg tokens so you can buy a starter pack. The pack includes 1 Guardian and 1 Gem, while the Gemg price will be determined by the market itself.

You can invest in GemGuardian through the BullPerks platform, where you can join the deal on Thursday, 9th of September, at 1:15 PM UTC.

You can increase your rewards in the game by upgrading the levels of your Guardian, Dragon, as well as Spells.

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