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  BullPerks is thrilled to announce the launch of the Highstreet project on the platform. Highstreet is about to revolutionize shopping and be a trendsetter in the field, as the concept behind it is not only new but also completely unique. Long gone are the days when customers used to line up across the street for their favorite sneaker drop –  nowadays the wait is usually done on the website; and even then, the chances are that the website might crash or the fee the intermediary asks for is outrageous and you end up just rubbing your hands. HighStreet tends to solve this problem; the platform will directly link you to the seller and hence you won’t have to wait in long queues or smash the refresh button of the website – all you need to do is become a member at Highstreet marketplace. It is a place where everything from limited sneaker releases to graphic cards is bought and sold, and you can do all this from the comfort of your home.   Highstreet 2

Unique Features of Highstreet

Here are some of the “like never before” kind of features the virtual marketplace has to offer:  
  • Metaverse – Highstreet is rebranded from LumiereVR and is the first commerce-centered Metaverse with more than 5 years of experience on the same concept. As a matter of fact, the gamification shopping marketplace is known to serve giant brands including L’Oreal group, as well as plenty of well-known celebrity investors such as the members of A$AP Mob.
  • Street Smart – The gamification shopping platform offers you a virtual assistant known as ‘Street Smart’, who will guide you all the way through your shopping experience.
  • Data-driven shopping assistant – The virtual assistant is not like ordinary shopping pals; in fact, it is an assistant developed to perfection that analyzes real-time data and then makes decisions on the basis of that data. Therefore, Highstreet throws back the days where you would have to rely on your friends’ personal preferences or your very own intuition to get the right deal – as now you could make data-driven decisions in no time.
  • Use the gamified marketplace to sell stuff you don’t need – You can also sell your stuff at the Highstreet marketplace; thus, you don’t have to worry if you make a wrong decision or change your mind after getting something, as you can immediately sell it on the marketplace and get your money back.

Deal specification

Different from the conventional marketplace where multiple forces impact the market, this is a platform where no such external forces are able to play a crucial role. In fact, it would only be the sellers and buyers who would determine the prices of commodities. We’ve all been waiting for that, haven’t we? Moreover, the virtual assistant concept is also brand new and would further empower the end-user, thus, it could be safely assumed that the HighStreet concept is expected to be embraced amongst the masses; and this would help the company to further expand its sphere of impact to other use cases and industries.

Why Invest In Highstreet?

Highstreet aims to change the way we shop, therefore the gamified marketplace it offers is futuristic. However, the concept is attractive to many other developers, and you can expect to see dozens of similar virtual marketplaces springing up in the future. Yet, if they can manage to be the next “Highstreet” or not – that remains to be seen. Therefore, now is the time to invest in the project as this futuristic store will surely give a hand to your future shopping decisions; and the ones who invest in it now would be the ones who would reap the fruits in the future.

About Highstreet

Highstreet offers you a unique and diverse experience – one that is different from the conventional shopping model.  This is a marketplace that operates both on VR and web that allows you to purchase the limited, hottest, as well as bargain deals worldwide. Moreover, the team behind Highstreet – considering the demand on the market – has come up with StreetMart, your assistant that will sell or buy from you the hottest products any time of the day. It’s safe to say: Highstreet is changing the shopping landscape.

  • What is the scope of Highstreet?

    Highstreet is a futuristic marketplace that offers immense usage in everything that involves online shopping.

  • How does the token system work?

    Whenever you would purchase something from the marketplace, you would receive a token and this would be imported from the direct buyer. Additionally, whenever you would want to sell the item, you would export the token to the new buyer.

  • Are the transactions conducted on the platform secure?

    Yes, all business transactions carried on Highstreet are secure.

Launch Date
14 Aug, 2021
Total Raise
60,000 BUSD
19 Aug, 2021
Min Allocation
Max Allocation
2250 BUSD
18% after CEX listing; 5.125% per quarter for 4 years
Token Price

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