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Sense4FIT is a Fit2Earn (F2E) hybrid ecosystem that includes both online and offline lifestyle content, sport-related activities, educational events, and competitions. Sense4Fit 5 Part of our ecosystem is represented by the Sense4FIT Mobile App, which is a Web 3 Fit2Earn Lifestyle app built on the Elrond blockchain, which includes fitness, nutrition, personal development, and mindfulness with game-fi elements to help people to become better versions of themselves and get rewarded while achieving their goals. The Social-Fi and Game-Fi elements help people engage more with their lifestyle objectives while bringing the sports community together. These experiences will be linked through the $SFIT utility token, which will have multiple use cases within the ecosystem: rewards, payments, staking, and more.

Sense4FIT Key Features

Sense4FIT retains a competitive advantage and employs a semi-decentralized approach to incentivize users to work out and be rewarded for it. Key highlights of the Sense4FIT app besides the above-mentioned features are:
  • A fully immersive Fit2Earn model that covers all fronts and incorporates workouts to suit all types; groups, individuals or teams and generously offers rewards for all activities including; nutrition, mindfulness and social media engagement, thus users have every opportunity to gain rewards.
  • A perfected anti-cheating system facilitated by Sense4FITs health tracker partner, which offers constant monitoring of vitals as well as sleep duration and quality in order to promote the best means of achieving a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, it helps distribute rewards according to the effort and actual progress of users.
  • Sense4FIT addresses the global fitness community and is not limited by locations or levels of experience in fitness, being tailored to all. It is continuously developing new technology to improve users' experience and will implement the Fitnessverse, a fully decentralized Fitness Metaverse, thus showing its efforts to remain innovative and current.
  • Sense4FIT will serve as a decentralized marketplace for coaches worldwide, as they are also incentivized to provide their services on the app, while also onboarding their client base to use our app, creating a gateway to unlimited fitness experts and continuous workout development and facilitating further adoption of the app.

Sense4FIT Token Economy

The $SFIT token will be at the centerpiece of the Sense4FIT ecosystem, built on the Elrond blockchain. It will be more than just a utility token, while allowing users to participate in governance matters and voting on development matters for the project. Thus, we have envisioned the following use-cases for the token: Governance: by staking your $SFIT tokens, you will be able to actively participate in the project’s governance matters; voting power is determined by the locking period, with longer periods translating into a higher voting weight Staking: scalable rewards will be paid out for staking the $SFIT token, based on the locking period and amount Accrual of protocol revenue Partner discounts: any partner discounts will be exclusive and available to $SFIT holders Early access: $SFIT holders will be in pole-position for personalized deals and exclusive Sense4FIT product offerings Sense4Fit 6

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    Launch Date
    19 Oct, 2022
    Total Raise
    3,448,275.86 SFIT
    20 Oct, 2022
    Min Allocation
    25.52 BUSD
    Max Allocation
    1986.5 BUSD
    25% released at TGE M3, 25% – M5, 25% – M9
    Token Price

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