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Titan Hunters Deal

will be launched on BullStarter

Deal Details

We are happy to inform you about an upcoming deal with Titan Hunters, a gaming project with tremendous potential, that will launch on BullStarter on October 24.

Titan Hunters is a revolutionary NFT-based MMORPG game with a native token called $TITA. Inspired by Monster Hunters and Genshin Impact, the team has created a gaming concept that combines NFT technology (Earning Nature) and the best game genre of MMORPG (Fun Nature).

The attractive gameplay of Titan Hunters allows you to discover the world of marvels during an exciting hunt. Get also ready to fight against the angry Monsters and Bosses, known as Titans in the game.

You can hunt alone or connect with other players to fight in-team against stronger Titans. During the battles, you can earn rewards and upgrade your gear. The bigger the enemy, the bigger the reward.

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Launch Date


Total Raise

6,250,000 TITA

Min Allocation


Max Allocation

825 BUSD

Token Information


Titan Hunters



Token Price



10% at TGE; Then – 3 months cliff; Then – 7.5% per month for 12 months



Unique Features of Titan Hunters

Here we list some of the main features and competitive advantages of Titan Hunters.

Adventures. The world of Titan Hunters is full of miracles and mysteries. In the game, you can dive deep into the adventurous hunting experience and earn rewards for each victory. 

Team play. Fight side by side with other users to win over mighty titans. Build your team with other players. Combine your skills and combat styles to fight the enemy with teamwork.

Hunter Rank. The Hunter Rank allows you to unlock more Bosses and gain more rewards. The more Bosses you hunt, the higher is your Hunter Rank.

Interoperability of the NFTs. The interoperability of the game allows you to mint collectible items into NFTs at any time and use them across the Titan Hunters metaverse.

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Why Invest in Titan Hunters

The Titan Hunters team believes that truly fun gameplay and the opportunity to own unique NFTs is the best way to build a dedicated gaming community around this project.


Yes. Titan Hunters offers earning opportunities through NFT technology and blockchain.

We have used the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Network.

You can join the Titan Hunters deal on BullPerks by staking or locking your tokens to the pool and upgrading your Tier.

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