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In many ways, the metaverse has existed through an avatar or digital identity since the popularization of the internet in the early 90s. The digital universe was propelled into science fiction levels through video games, movies, and novels; however, only in recent years this futuristic iteration of the metaverse has received mainstream incentive. As technology advances at new speeds, the mysteries of the metaverse are revealed. Look around, is it already here?

Welcome Totem, the first operating system for the metaverse supported by Polygon, with an incredible team of seasoned professionals at the helm, including Ron Williams, former VP of Riot Games, Sandeep Niallval, co-founder of Polygon, and Shreyansh Singh, head of Polygon NFT/Gaming.

Totem users have access to Web3 tools, closed NFT communities, and more… providing real-world value to Totem’s Citizens as they explore and enjoy the open metaverse. BullPerks is excited to launch this IDO deal on BullStarter very soon.

About Totem

Totem has created an extremely user-friendly dashboard for all Web3 and digital portfolio management tools. The first set of tools available will be focused on integrating the metaverse and community. The dashboard will allow users of all experience levels to hone in on and use their knowledge of Web3 to get the most out of the metaverse from the start. Similar to an operational build that will host custom tools curated by a team of experts backing the project.
The project is creating an ecosystem where the platform and its tools come together, creating a space to grow on a personal, community, and global level.

Unique Features of Totem

Totem’s vision of a sustainable ecosystem is supported by some of the project’s upcoming Web3 tools and unique features.

  • Obtainable. A tool that makes it easy to obtain and share authentic, high-quality, and valuable NFT artifacts.
  • Enok. Unlocks doors for Totem’s Citizens to discover exclusive destinations and entertainment in the real world. Completing a mission allows Totem to forge deeper connections in the community, introducing specially selected destinations and experiences, ultimately helping everyone find a home.
  • Guide. A tool for growth. Connect with a curated network of guides, including coaches, trainers, healers, and teachers. Virtual classes, sessions, and experiences available to Citizens anywhere in the world.
  • OpTeK. Thanks to this tool, Totem’s Citizens will have access to NFT accessible streaming, content, and various events.
  • Everything and even more. The Totem dashboard and AXIS framework are built to be dynamic, allowing any app, platform, artist, community, influencers, store, and more. to integrate and update with additional tabs and other unique tools.

Why Consider Investing in Totem

The passionate and highly accomplished team behind Totem are pioneers in the industry, advancing humanity towards a decentralized world. The Totem team and community is passionate about accelerating decentralizations and spearheading the adoption of crypto assets for anyone curious.

The project team worked diligently to create something one-of-a-kind, a New Earth Metaverse. The premise is, creators, gamers, and blockchain enthusiasts can create unique experiences and interact in entirely new ways. Totem is based on high-end NFTs that equate to digital passports for all of Totem’s Citizens and provide access to various portals within the metaverse.

    BNB Chain
    Launch Date
    17 Dec, 2021
    Total Raise
    2,500,000 CTZN
    17 Dec, 2021
    Min Allocation
    20 BUSD
    Max Allocation
    900 BUSD
    10% at TGE; 10% per month for 9 months.
    Token Price

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