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The reasons why Unreal Finance is the project you will want to consider are numerous. In this article, I will show you exactly what I mean by that! With Unreal Finance, borrowers can utilize tokens they created to represent the interest yield of other loan protocols like Compound, Aave, and Unilend. By locking in their rate of interest with their yield tokenized, customers ensure that their interest rate will not change. Yield speculating is a demand situation that has massive current and future demand. New and more advanced institutions are popping up daily in the Defi space. While also supporting decentralization, Unreal Finance has formed a role in the development of Defi (Decentralized Finance) and is now acting upon it. The main goal of Unreal Finance is to provide an excellent impact to the decentralized lending ecosystem, as well as provide a more impartial ground in the market. A superficial review of all the different DeFi projects which have emerged over the previous year reveals that the market may be almost entirely saturated with countless fresh projects. When you think about this, it’s obvious that the market is dramatically overpriced and that no innovators have the potential to take the finance sector any further down the path of decentralization. Nevertheless, even though quite rarely, a project can have the potential to change the approach you think about this industry as a whole; such that our lives, and the industry, can be entirely different. A great example of these initiatives is Unreal.

Key Features of Unreal Finance

Following are the key features that make Unreal Finance unique and makes you want to invest in it:
  • Margin Trading – Unreal Finance allows rapid access to generate from the future. If an investor has doubled over on their deposits and wants to generate additional interest, they can add to that future yield.
  • Fixed Interest Rate – Unreal financing enables you to earn a guaranteed rate of interest on your deposits by selling a synthesized yield token that symbolizes the yield provided per your deposit.
  • Yield Trading – Ethereum does not currently have any financial tools that give investors the ability to speculate on yield elicited by the protocol – this is a totally new concept created by Unreal Finance.
  • Interest Rate Swap – Basically, Unreal Finance yield tokens offer a great opportunity for arbitrage in different loan markets, which could result in a more sustainable market and yield.
  • Governance – Changes to the protocol would be governed through voting, with the participation of token holders, in order to create consensus.
Yield Insurance – Because of Unreal Finance’s fantastic strategy in place, additional features may be offered as well; one of them is yield insurance – which enables investors to purchase a minimal yield guarantee.

Deal specification

Unreal Finance has come up with a new niche in the industry that has hardly been tapped before. Their founders claim that “ DeFi will never be the same again”, and countless members in Bull Perks Community on Telegram are waiting eagerly for the deal to get started. Different tiers in the Bull Perks platform are able to invest different fund sizes, while you need to have locked in at least 500 BLP(enough to become a Bronze Tier Bull) to be able to participate in the deal. However, it is crucial that you do your own homework before deciding to invest your money in the project – as in any other project, while considering your own budget plan. Expectations – Why invest in Unreal Finance? The offer that Unreal Finance is bringing to the table has not yet become adopted by the markets, making the new project an attractive investment for early adopters. It is important to put money into the product at this point since the longer you wait the higher the price may go, and thus, making it harder to invest later on. Investing in Unreal Finance through the Bull Perks platform means investing in a wide range of products and services. With Unreal Finance’s features like:
  • Margin Trading
  • Fixed Interest Rate
  • Yield Trading
  • Interest Rate Swap
  • Governance
  • Yield Insurance
… it’s unreal to stay away from a project like this. What is Unreal Finance All About? Unreal Finance puts performance and effectiveness into the project’s framework since the team behind Unreal Finance understands this better than many others. While it may sound complex, the Unreal protocol at its foundation is about maximizing time (or rather yield across time). As never before, Unreal Finance enables you to utilize both tactics fully; you may be entirely committed to earning interest from your favorite protocol while also staking tokens in order to profit from fresh opportunities.

  • What purpose does Unreal Finance serve?

    One of the biggest benefits of using Unreal Finance is that users may instantaneously sell unrealized income at a fixed price. Also, traders now have the opportunity to bet on the unrealized yield.

  • When and how did Unreal Finance begin?

    Unreal Finance was founded as a result of yield farmers’ consternation after the yielding interest rate fell. The retail lenders don’t seem to agree with fluctuating loan rates, as the high-income folks are. However, by putting a yield on the investment, the user is locking in the interest rate at which they will be paid.

  • Who can utilize Unreal Finance?

    Everyone who is interested in decentralized finance should use Unreal Finance. The platform is highly effective for yield farmers, derivative traders, and others who want to make a passive income.

  • Will the implementation of a Native Token be included in the Unreal Finance project?

    To explain, the Unreal Finance platform includes the Unreal Governance Token (UGT) which can be described as a native token of the Unreal Finance platform. There will be numerous different uses for the token in terms of governance, platform fees, and more.

Unreal Finance$UGT
Launch Date
08 Aug, 2021
Total Raise
60,000 BUSD
13 Aug, 2021
Min Allocation
Max Allocation
2100 BUSD
20% on Claiming Date – linear monthly release of the rest months 4-12
Token Price

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