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As of today, gaming is the most lucrative sector of the entertainment industry. Last year, online games attracted over 900 million active users, generating over $21.1 billion worldwide. In 2021, the gaming industry surpassed a staggering $300 billion in worldwide market valuation. This creates extremely favorable market conditions for NFT-based gaming projects. With a booming industry, the demand for high-quality gaming start-ups is skyrocketing, and BullPerks is excited to introduce the newest crypto gaming project, VOID–an online multiplayer game, featuring a wide range of token utilities and a strong focus on the personalized gaming experience.

About VOID, The Game

VOID is a blockchain-based, multiplayer online game, that offers a play-to-earn (P2E) model, built on Unreal Engine 5 to showcase super-rich sound and graphics. VOID demonstrates the next-gen player vs. player (PvP) gaming model in its most realized form, by bringing players, casts, and spectators together. Within the gameplay of VOID, players will find a world where AI robots and their attempts to take over humanity as we know it are splashed across headlines, adventure awaits for all who desire to help conquer the AI and defend the planet. VOID offers many options to personalize characters, allowing players to fight solo, or in small teams on open battlefields. VOID’s gaming ecosystem operates under its native token, $VOID, which enables in-game purchasing for players to acquire assets such as weapons, armor, customizations, as well as other platform transactions or fees. The $VOID will also be used as a payment method to allow players to take part in area play, that is unless the arena’s owner declines. On top of all of these attributes, staking $VOID tokens on the platform allows for generous rewards alongside governing rights. Void 2

Game’s Unique Features

There are multiple features that uplift VOID to stand apart from the rest–the game’s massive rewarding model hits the top of the list, yet the earning opportunities don’t stop there. The other exciting and unique game features are:

  • Fight & earn — The battles are one of the most lucrative ways of earning $VOID token rewards. The more a character wins, the higher the level they achieve; meaning the greater the chances for bigger rewards.
  • Explore & earn — Following the mystic quests that offer rare treasures and loot boxes are another way of earning rewards on VOID. Facing these quests, the player has to be ready to survive and challenge fierce competition for rewards.
  • Create & earn — A key focus of the project is to provide plenty of options when it comes to customizing the user’s avatar. This enables players to utilize their skills creating and selling weapons, armors, and other in-game items, to use them or sell at a marketplace.
  • Stake & earn — Stake $VOID tokens, on top of earning rewards from playing the game.
  • Host & earn — VOID designed a “passive income” rewarding model, allowing creators to build and rent private arenas for certain fees.

Why Consider Investing in VOID

VOID’s mission is to be the top online multiplayer game in the crypto gaming market. By identifying and approaching the issues of real-world experiences, VOID aims to break through the boundaries separating the real and digital worlds. With 72% of gamers being 18 or older, a P2E entrepreneurial model, like VOID, is a promising pathway that will excite traditional gamers and convert new users into experiencing firsthand, the lucrative future of GameFi. VOID is a Switzerland-based project and is founded by Rumel Esteban. The team of developers and engineers is led by two highly experienced CTOs, Francisco Maia and Francisco Crus. Lianel Spengler is a creative director, while the game design is handled by Flurin Jenatsch. Additionally, the project receives professional advice from the well-known speaker and NFT expert, Kevin Abdulrahman, and the highly experienced marketing professional, Oliver Steiner.

    Launch Date
    15 Dec, 2021
    Total Raise
    125,000 BUSD
    15 Dec, 2021
    Min Allocation
    20 BUSD
    Max Allocation
    950 BUSD
    33% at TGE, 33% per month for 2 months
    Token Price

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