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World of Masters
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BullPerks is thrilled to announce a new IDO deal with the World of Masters, the first martial arts Metaverse and NFT game. The undeniable success of such projects as Axie Infinity, Decentraland, and The Sandbox has made the GameFi sector skyrocketing and exploding around the globe. However, many blockchain-based games being launched now focus more on the ‘finance’ part and totally forget the ‘Game’ one. As a result, inexperienced projects with flawed business models and poor marketing strategies appear too often, and it’s essential to be able to spot hidden gems that can strive and reach new heights. Today, BullPerks is thrilled to announce a new exciting IDO deal with World of Masters, the top game with high-quality graphics and outstanding gameplay.

About World of Masters

World of Masters is an exciting NFT and Metaverse project that was developed from Tan Minh Chu, one of the most successful card battle games in 2021. With a huge community of over 700,000 players around the globe, World of Masters has superior gameplay and outstanding graphics. As the first NFT and Metaverse with a martial arts theme and exciting card battle genre, it currently has no other opponents on the entire GameFi market. The team of experts in the industry and top-notch developers behind the project were able to create a complete GameFi ecosystem with a balanced in-game economy that can limit inflation.

World of Masters unique features

While more and more genuinely exciting projects are emerging on the GameFi market, World of Masters has a lot of advantages and unique features. The project proposed an amazing journey designed to convert millions of traditional games into GameFi investors. More about these features:
  • Outstanding gameplay and graphics that have been tested for attractiveness;
  • Reputable developer and publisher with more than ten years of experience in the Card Battle game. The developer won the Outstanding Award in Graphics at the International Mobile Game Awards;
  • Free-to-Play. Gamers have no need to spend money to experience the game
  • Easily converted from Free-to-Play-to-Play-to-Earn;
  • Exciting rewards and bonuses, including lucky boxes, hidden quests that allow gamers to own Tokens and NFTs;
  • Unique investment opportunities. Gamers need only 15 minutes a day to mine tokens and pay back after 25-30 days. The game provides five types of NFT heroes that bring outstanding profits, and the players can earn more tokens and NFTs by participating in weekly and monthly tournaments.
  • A large number of players. The project has more than 5 million battle card gamers only in Asia
World of Masters 2

Investors and partners

  • Evangelion Capital, a crypto-focused investment firm, functions as both an incubator and a backer for the most promising ventures in the blockchain industry.
  • Rikkei Capital, a firm that invests in blockchain technology and crypto-assets.
  • CaBo Capital, an investment office focusing on control investments in cash-flow positive middle-market players in selected sectors.

Why should you invest in World of Masters?

Such an exciting GameFi project as World of Masters seems to have a lot of potential with the current boom in blockchain Metaverse gaming. With 13 years in game operation, highly qualified professionals behind World of Masters challenge themselves to create a game with outstanding graphics and addictive gameplay that meets the needs of both players and still attracts potential investors. The economy of World of Masters is carefully calculated to limit inflation, helping the project go a long way. Their team puts users’ experience first; constant updates allow players to explore an exciting gaming world and investors to put money into something truly exceptional. With some impressive backers behind and clear potential, World of Masters has much more room to grow and should definitely be in the spotlight for investors.

  • When is World of Masters IDO date?

    The date of the IDO will be disclosed soon. Preliminary, it’s the end of May.

  • What is a minimal investment tier in World of Masters IDO?

    A minimal investment tier is Copper Bull that allows investing 20 BUSD and more.

  • What is World of Masters sector/industry?

    World of Masters is an NFT and Metaverse GameFi project with focus on Card Battle.

World of Masters$WOFM
BNB Chain
Launch Date
07 Jun, 2022
Total Raise
45,000 BUSD
08 Jun, 2022
Min Allocation
Max Allocation
990 BUSD
25% at TGE, 15% per month after
Token Price

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