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We are happy to announce that we are launching a new IDO deal Yarloo, an ambitious P2E gaming project.  Yarloo is a Play-to-Earn game that brings together the mood of Magic the Gathering, Hearthstone, Gwent, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Destiny 2. In this article, we provide all the necessary information about this project so that you will be able to make a better-informed investment decision.

About Yarloo

Yarloo is a combination of NFT, DeFi, and its very own RST (Revenue Sharing Token, a special smart contract that distributes 30% of the project’s net profits across “pillars” that support the market value of our $YARL tokens) system to bring all users an unparalleled gaming experience. The Revenue Sharing Token (RST) model is an allocation that utilizes 30% of the project’s revenue to strengthen an ecosystem, market value, and reward users. Yarloo embraces a strategy with the following goals:
  • Bring together a massive NFT-based Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming ecosystem.
  • Constantly add new cards and features.
  • Update content and tips regularly.
  • Continuously improve the gameplay quality and mechanics.
  • Add new ways to earn in the game’s P2E model.

Yarloo’s Unique Features

We suppose that Yarloo can become the “next big thing” in a crypto gaming world due to a range of its unique features. Here we list some of them.
  • Play-to-Earn (P2E) Model. Yarloo’s P2E model allows you to earn rewards while playing a trading card game in a crypto sea.
  • Yarloo’s Coffers (MVP). Yarloo’s Coffers is their very own wallet where users can store and stake their $YARL. The Coffers wallet will receive consistent enhancements and upgrades that improve upon it as Yarloo moves forward.
  • Trading Card Game. The project offers an engaging trading card game Pirates of the Metaverse (PotM). The team promises to develop interesting gaming features that will add Pirates of the Metaverse a significant competitive advantage.
  • NFT Shore. NFT Shore is Yarloo’s native marketplace based on the Polygon and the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Networks. Users will be able to trade NFTs and exchange them with other users, adding more to their gameplay collections so they can squash their opponents on the battlefield.
Wheel of Fortune. Yarloo’s loot box-based Wheel of Fortune is an MVP that promises to bring a game to the next level. Players will have a chance to earn NFTs and $YARL using our Wheel of Fortune!

Why Consider Investing in Yarloo

The Yarloo team brings together seasoned professionals from the crypto and gaming industries that aim to provide a unique Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming experience. The company plans to create a lot of new features and NFT mechanics that will keep players continuously engaged. Yarloo stands out from its competitors with the team’s strong desire to give back to its community “as much as they can.” Yarloo’s vision is about solidifying its token position in the market and forging a long-term relationship with its players and investors.

  • How can I invest in the Yarloo IDO deal?

    The Yarloo IDO deal will be launched on BullPerks, and you can join it by locking your tokens and buying the assigned allocation as per the Tier you hold.

  • What is the native token of Yarloo?

    Yarloo’s native token is $YARL. Most of the in-game purchases can be made using $YARL.

  • Can I make money while playing the Yarloo game?

    Yes, the project has invested a lot of time to develop a Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming ecosystem that allows users to earn while playing.

BNB Chain
Launch Date
07 Oct, 2021
Total Raise
100,000 BUSD
08 Oct, 2021
Min Allocation
Max Allocation
1400 BUSD
10% at TGE, 3 months cliff; Then - Linear daily unlock for 10 months
Token Price

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