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BullCaster #12 | How Will Web 3.0 Change the World? Our Future in the Metaverse
BullCaster #12 | How Will Web 3.0 Change the World? Our Future in the Metaverse

In the not-so-distant future, web 3.0 will change the way we interact with the world around us. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to web 3.0 and our future in the metaverse.

  • How will Web 3.0 change the way we do business?
  • What are some of the challenges faced with the mass adoption of Web 3.0?


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🤵Myles McMorrow

  • Co-Founder & Head of Web 3.0 at Tech Circus, organizer of two big blockchain gaming and metaverse conferences in London.
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Podcast highlights
What are people more excited about within the Web 3.0 in industry?
I have the massive benefit from organizing events which is meeting some incredible people who are pioneering this movement. They all are doing great work. Because I've had this kind of broad opportunity to speak to loads of different people, I've managed to understand quite a lot about the barriers that exist now between where we are and where we wanna get to. We're talking about creating a whole new spatial web that's perhaps mapped to our entire planet that enables us to immerse ourselves with new layers of information using augmented reality. Everyone's building these lenses now that we can use to augment the world around us. We're also talking about embedding the blockchain as a technical infrastructure that will allow us to conduct DeFi protocols and protect our assets and build this whole world, this whole infrastructure that empowers end users to have this kind of more secured environment.
You help brands with this pathway. Please give us a few practical case studies of what it looks like.
Let's address the aspect that sounds this way “Why is it interesting to brands?”. This is a new multi trillion dollar frontier for brands. We have to accept that when there is a new, special web, there's an opportunity for brands to go beyond these content-based opportunities to engage with consumers and look at new ways to deliver authentic experiences: build communities, establish a world/universe, and a law that sits behind your brand. Then, we need to gamify. Gaming's been a huge gateway to the metaverse. We use all the mentioned above to gamify the experience of your brand. There's a statistic and a lot of reports I've been digesting, like I was reading that 74% of the Gen Z generation are already in ownership of digital assets. This is one of the big barriers when we talk about NFT and blockchain. You have to be almost a semi crypto native. You need to understand how to get a wallet and how to get the crypto that you need, then be able to change it to a token to get onto a specific platform. And then if we substitute some of the security in the blockchain for a more user centric login, then we are leaving vulnerabilities which is something that the blockchain is there to tackle.