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As the worlds of reality and technology become more intertwined every day, the rapidly growing crypto-gaming universe works hard to keep up. Technology has a global impact on the economic landscape of the world, which is clear in how millions of people around the world are playing blockchain-based games every day. Their operational volume and capitalization exceed billions of dollars.

BullPerks GameFi Launchpad aims to provide exciting VC projects, like Sidus Heroes, under one roof, on their launchpad, where investors can access ground-floor opportunities on a decentralized multichain platform.

What Is Sidus Heroes?

Sidus Heroes is a next-generation play-to-earn NFT MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game) with an amazing blockchain journey full of adventures and opportunities. It’s set in a not-too-distant futuristic world where technology and mankind have become one singular world.
Sidus Heroes implements a play-to-earn model, building up player-driven economic systems that have tangible value in the real world. Every player has the opportunity to not only enjoy becoming engrossed in the game world but to earn real money through customizable NFT heroes and generate real-connected friendships by battling the layers of this complex world with other players.

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Unique Features of Sidus Hereos

The symbiosis of the latest industry developments has made it possible for Sidus Heroes to create an easy-to-access product available to every user. Utilizing WebGL technology a breakthrough in the gaming and financial industry, users don’t need to download an application onto their Android, iOS, PC, or Mac. WebGL is a cross-platform API used to create 3D graphics in an ordinary browser. Users just have to open up their browser and type in the game’s URL.

Other unique features of Sidus Heroes include:

  • A strong economic model
  • Use of teamwork for financial and game success
  • Superb content quality and thoughtful UX
  • Accessible and simple ways to enter the market.

The Futuristic World Of Sidus Heroes

The game of Sidus Heroes combines RPG with P2E mechanics and tangible NFT’s like nothing has before. The masterful 3D world takes universal exploration to new heights, featuring galactic adventure. Players can buy a unique infrastructure, have different political interests, trade customizable NFT heroes, and more.

Sidus of Heroes is an exciting exploration of the metaverse, where you can visit blockchain star systems and get to know their culture. It’s a universe where you build connections and meet fellow nomads. Every meticulously curated aspect of Sidus Heroes offers something new to explore, engage and invest in strategic and dynamic ways. All this creates long-lasting interest that builds and expands upon itself.

Key game components:

  • Build and equip your spaceship and go on intergalactic missions.
  • Farm for resources, craft, build and develop your corner of the universe.
  • Get elected, represent your race, and lobby your interests.
  • Enjoy a universe of NFT Heroes that come from different blockchain planets.
  • Raise a loyal animal companion to accompany you in all adventures and battles.
  • Exchange and trade your in-game items at the inter-galaxy bazaar.
  • Travel through the universe and build connections.
  • Unite Heroes and use the multiplayer feature to fight together.
  • Prove your PVP skills in a one-on-one fight with other players.
  • Buy and sell NFT content with SIDUS and SENATE tokens.

Why You Should Consider Investing In Sidus Heroes

Sidus Heroes is a social exploration, a fantastical futuristic universe, and an educational platform that provides opportunities to earn real money, become financially literate, and gain entrepreneurial skills.

The advantages of this project range from forwarding the generative pathways of crypto gaming, to investing in a new form of digital asset exchange that invites users to immerse themselves in a fully sustainable and profitable experience.

The goal of Sidus Heroes is to become a revolutionary product in the blockchain, DeFi, and GameFi sectors. This investment is sure to rock the crypto-gaming world and take the metaverse to new and profitable galactic frontiers.

    Launch Date
    19 Nov, 2021
    Total Raise
    62,500,000 SIDUS & 625,000 SENATE
    19 Nov, 2021
    Min Allocation
    22,5 BUSD
    Max Allocation
    1050 BUSD
    5% at TGE, 3 months cliff and from month 4 then 5% monthly
    Token Price

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