• What is BullPerks?

    Bullperks is a community of like minded individuals who want to leverage their power and invest together in the best projects at the same terms as VC’s.

  • Why the name BullPerks?

    Because we believe that being a Bull should come with some perks. If you’re bullish on crypto and our project, we will make sure to get you plenty of perks.

  • How do I become a member/Bull ?

    First, you are welcome to join our community on Twitter and Telegram. Second, you should buy the BLP token. According to the amount you hold you will be able to determine which tier you are in. If you don’t have enough for Silver Bull level then no despair, we will keep a seat at the table for you whenever you’re ready to join.

  • How do I invest in a project?

    Once you know which tier and Bull type you are, then see which projects are available to this tie. Different tiers have allocations to different deals. Then if you’re interested in a project and there is an allocation you will need to choose it and connect your wallet and transfer the funds and wait for a confirmation.

  • How do you choose a project to invest in? How should I?

    We choose the projects based on multiple criteria including team, field, tokenomics, competition and much more.

    You should DYOR and do your own research and DD.

  • Where do I buy BLP?

    You should check Coingecko or CMC for the token markets. Make sure you have the right token contract.

  • What do you offer founders/projects? What if I want to list my project with you?

    We offer founders/projects help raising funds, help with PR & Marketing, Advisory services including but not limited to Business development and tokenomics, guidance and mentorship, introduction and possible collaboration and partnerships with other projects and founder and much more.

    If you want to list your project with us then you should fill the contact us form and one of our team members will get back to you and discuss it further with you.

  • Will you ask for my seed phrase or private keys?

    No!! Beware of anyone asking for those.

FAQ для сделок

  • Is there any deadline to lock tokens?

    As long as you lock in before joining the deal, then you’re good to go.

  • Can I lock my BLP tokens for sale, after starting the deal?

    Yes, you can.

  • What should the bronze tier do?

    Only Silver-tier and higher can take part in the deal

  • I have a silver tier, can I participate with only 200 busd?

    The ticket price for the silver tier is 500 BUSD

  • What is an Emission wallet?

    Emission wallet is the ERC wallet where you want the tokens to be sent to you since it is on ERC20

  • Once we lock the silver deal, and send 500 BUSD, then how much time we have to keep the lock-in?

    Until the end of the deal

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