BullPerks Founder Internal AMA Recap
BullPerks Founder Internal AMA Recap
22 Jan, 2024
BullPerks Founder Internal AMA Recap 2

The founder and CEO of BullPerks & GamesPad, Eran Elhanani, held an internal AMA session on Telegram. During the session, the BullPerks & GamesPad founder informed the community about new deals, team upgrades, and shared his vision for the future of investments in BullPerks in the Web3 space. 

If you missed the live AMA session, don't worry. Here, you can read the recap and learn about all the updates.

BullPerks Admin: Hello everyone, and welcome to the internal BullPerks AMA session. Let's welcome Bullperks Founder & CEO, Eran Elhanani, who's here to give exciting updates.

Eran Elhanani: Hi everyone, thanks for joining us. I hope everyone is doing well. As you know, we mentioned having many deals and have already announced nine of them, with one already launched. And we told you we have many more.

Unfortunately, as soon as we announced those projects with which we had signed contracts, some other bad actors went after them to convince them to drop us and sign with them, including incentivizing them financially to do so. This is an illegal activity called Torteous interference from those bad actors and breach of contract from the projects.

One such project is Octavia, which we announced, but they ended up breaching their contract in bad faith (and threatening to publish bad stuff if we mention it). They chose to listen to some other bad actors and act in a dishonorable way. Obviously, there will be consequences both for them and for the bad actors who convinced them, and we're reviewing all legal options to pursue it.

However, we're not here to discuss bad actors. I just wanted to address it since we had multiple people ask us about it. The good news is that while some founders and other parties act in shady and illegal ways, most founders still honor their word and want to work with us. We have tons of deals coming our way.

Even though the competition is tougher today than it ever was, with many new launchpads, others coming back from the dead, and the regular ones that have been around for a long time, we still have a great reputation as a top, professional, and honorable launchpad. Many projects want to launch with us, and we're getting a great deal flow and have a significant pipeline. Many of these have not been announced yet and will be announced closer to their TGE.

We're also making some big changes with our marketing and market making, so you'll be seeing and hearing some interesting stuff. We strengthened our KOL team and are going to keep improving it. As always, if you know about or are connected to any good projects, please send us a message – admins or our research team. If you don't get through, you can message me.

We're still in a volatile market, especially now after the Bitcoin ETF approval, so some projects are waiting. I know you want to invest already but it might not be exactly the right moment. Rest assured, as of February, we have many deals coming. Finally, we're following the trends and are in discussion with a few BRC-20-style projects.

Unfortunately, I have another AMA, so we won't be taking any questions. And regarding ElseVerse, which some asked, we expect the end of February to early March launch, and it's going to be a big one. Thanks for joining, and I appreciate your understanding. I hope you know that we're doing everything we can to bring you the best deals we can. We will win some and lose some. Hopefully, we win more. And between us, about the ones we lost, those probably weren't the best ones.

BullPerks Admin: Thank you everyone for joining us today! Thank you Eran for sharing great news!

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