$BLP теперь на Nabox и SwapBox
$BLP теперь на Nabox и SwapBox
06 Дек, 2022

The BullPerks native $BLP token is now supported by Nabox a multichain DID (Decentralized Identifiers) Gateway to Web3, as well as its aggregator SwapBox. 

$BLP теперь на Nabox и SwapBox 2

BullPerks, one of the fast-growing players in the IDO space, has established a collaboration with Nabox and SwapBox. From now on, the $BLP token will be available on the Nabox wallet, your gateway to the multichain world, as well as SwapBox aggregator. 

We’re glad to announce that the BullPerks token has become available for purchase to the 300k+ active user base of Nabox and SwapBox.

As a cross-chain DID application, Nabox allows users to manage assets across different blockchains. With Nabox, users can easily access the multi-chain world and manage their digital assets across various chains with a single DID. There is no centralized registration process on Nabox, and all private keys are managed by the users directly. Nabox's mission is to be the simplest cross-chain DID gateway to Web3.

This event is a significant contribution to the Bullperks success, as the $BLP token will be available to 300,000 users more on Nabox and SwapBox. 

BullPerks believes the $BLP appearance on Nabox will enhance the growth and popularity of the $BLP token. This is a great step forward for BullPerks and we are excited to be part of this progressive journey in the crypto world.

About BullPerks

BullPerks is the fairest and most community-dedicated decentralized VC and multichain launchpad. Unleashing the power of the blockchain and a decentralized venture fundraising model, BullPerks offers tremendous opportunities to everyone who wants to invest in the best crypto projects on equal terms with VCs. The platform is fully oriented toward the community and provides low entry and access to early-stage projects for users.

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