Резюме: AMA сессия с соучредителями BullPerks (январь 2023 г.)
Резюме: AMA сессия с соучредителями BullPerks (январь 2023 г.)
21 Янв, 2023

Резюме: AMA сессия с соучредителями BullPerks (январь 2023 г.) 2

The BullPerks Co-Founders held an internal AMA on Telegram to share exciting updates about the company's upcoming plans.  

Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan held another internal AMA in the Official BullPerks Telegram chat to keep its users and crypto enthusiasts informed on all the latest news, plans, and progress of the company. The co-founders also answered questions from the BullPerks community.

In case you missed the live session, don't worry. Check out the complete AMA recap below!

BullPerks admin:

Hello everyone and welcome to the BullPerks internal AMA session. Welcome our Co-Founders, Eran Elhanani and Constantin Kogan who are here to give exciting updates and answer your questions later.

Eran Elhanani:

Hi everyone and welcome. 

Constantin Kogan: 

It's great to reconnect in the New Year. We will start with some exciting updates.

1) As you might have noticed, we have added Equity deals to BullPerks and we will have some announcements in that field soon. Rest assured we've got exciting deals in the pipeline that you will invest in like the top VCs.   

2) Bullclaimer has been updated as per your feedback. While it's not noticeable when you look at it, over 60% of the platform has been rewritten from the ground up to make sure your experience with it remains fast and precise!

3) Even in the bear market, we continue building and growing and looking for partners to fuel growth. We are working on adding support for more wallets on our products which we will announce in the coming months.

4) We are adding additional networks to our launchpads and will soon offer support for 17 networks in total.

5) We have prepared for listing over 50 projects and identified areas where projects need support. We are working on creating tools that will help them in the areas of marketing, token distribution, and community growth. This will add additional use cases for our BLP token.

6) You probably noticed publications in top media: Entrepreneur, VentureBeat, Cointelegraph, Benzinga, and more - all in only one month.

7) We plan more contests and interesting activities for our community this month, stay tuned.

Lastly, we have a lot of interesting guests at our talk show, including NFT.NYC co-founder, an executive from Solana, and other thought leaders in the space.

Eran Elhanani:

As you might be aware we have been developing our own Metaverse in GamesPad called ElseVerse. In case you didn’t see the trailer here it is and we still have our mystery box minting open so if interested in it hurry up, there’s a limit of 2 max per person. Make sure to follow ElseVerse for real-time updates.

As our loyal community, we have decided that although ElseVerse is not directly connected to BullPerks then we will do an airdrop for those who staked BLP and are long-term holders of our new Metaverse token according to time their staking amount.

As Constantin said we are finalizing some equity deals and one is coming soon. And if the market continues to show positive signs we will start doing IDOs soon as well. We have a big pipeline of projects. Now let’s open the chat for feedback and questions


Minimum requirements to participate in equity deals? Any special criteria?

Constantin Kogan: 

Yes, you can find all details on the website: https://bullperks.com/equity-deal/ 

Eran Elhanani:

Need to be a Gold member at least and the minimum check is $5K.


Will there be any benefit for those who deposited their BLP tokens to the locker?

Eran Elhanani:

No, only staking pools.


How do these services help BullPerks community?

Constantin Kogan: 

Well, we will add a new token utility with a potential discount mechanism.

Eran Elhanani:

We are helping and preparing projects for IDO of course. If they perform better that’s better for the holders who participate.


Are any AI projects on the horizon?

Constantin Kogan: 

Actually, there are few infrastructure projects that have an AI angle, so yes. 


Are any projects launching soon (within 4 weeks) except Carbon?

Eran Elhanani:

We can’t guarantee depending on the market but for now, looks like it and we’ll confirm once the dates are firm. 

Constantin Kogan: 

Any other questions?

Eran Elhanani:

Ok, then I guess we’ll wrap up the AMA. Thanks, everyone for being with us! Keep following for updates!

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