Founder Internal AMA Recap
Founder Internal AMA Recap
27 Nov, 2023
Founder Internal AMA Recap 2

The BullPerks & GamesPad founder and CEO Eran Elhanani held an internal AMA session on Telegram.

The most reliable updates about a project come from the first hands, and the project’s founder and CEO can reply to all the community questions. BullPerks & GamesPad founder and CEO Eran Elhanani set out to update the community about the latest developments and share the plans for BullPerk’s future. 

During the AMA, Eran Elhanani shared updates about:

  • The team upgrade
  • Service upgrades
  • The successes of BullPerks 
  • New deals
  • A new referral program launch, and others.

The BullPerks & GamesPad founder and CEO also devoted some time to replying to the questions asked by community members.

If you’ve missed the live AMA session, don’t worry. Here, you can read the AMA recap and learn about all the updates!

BullPerks Admin: Let us welcome Bullperks Founder & CEO, Eran Elhanani who's here to give exciting updates and answer your questions later.

Eran Elhanani: Thanks and thank you everyone for joining.

Lots to update and been a while since the last AMA so we thought to do a short one now.

So to start I’m happy to announce we hired 7 new team members for all departments - research analyst, head of marketing, head of content and PR, IDO manager (from Enjinstarter), SMM’s, and more.

We also added multiple new languages to our site and are expanding some communities.

We have been ranked number 2 in ATH ROI and number 3 in Current ROI

We have closed our first equity deal and got it oversubscribed by around 20%!

We have on boarded a few new incubations which might not be lavishing soon but in early 2024. A few very strong potential projects.

We have the staking pool ending soon and we will let those interested to leave/weak hands to leave us before we launch our next deals. Suffice it to say we will announce 5-6 upcoming IDOs this week if not more. We have 6 confirmed and are waiting on a few more to sign contracts.

Those upcoming IDOs are in gaming, DeFi, music, and more.

So there will be something exciting for everyone.

Once we renew the staking pools we will launch a big referral campaign so more ways for you guys to make money and help grow the platform so win-win.

So lots of new things and good things happening as we’re hopefully heading into a new bull market and this time we’ll be ready to fully capitalize and get the best deals.

We’re speaking with tons of new projects and selecting them and have some bombs coming early next year.

And now let’s quickly open the chat for questions or comments, and, by the way, can’t wait to see all the memes you guys created.

DanJam (Community member): Any projects on Solana?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to DanJam): Very good question. I forgot to mention we’re constantly adding new chains and reviewing projects in chains with hype so we will definitely bring projects on Solana.

AMR (Community member): How do you get the new projects or how do these new projects contact/find you to launch their IDO on your platform?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to AMR): They can apply, we search, we get tons of referrals from VCs, exchanges, previous projects, and so on as well as use scouts.

Ingars Lacis (Community member): What's that? And what's the situation with BLP listing on exchanges, shouldn't it be done this year?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Ingars Lacis): We are taking limited amounts of projects with potential early stage and taking them through a 3-4 months incubation where we help them with all aspects from tokenomics, socials, marketing, listings, and so on until ready to launch. 

Regarding exchange listings that is in the work. Unfortunately, most top exchanges are focused only on primary listings of new projects and not taking secondary listings but we’re in talks with like 2 so hopefully happen soon

Facebook[Meta] (Community member): Which policy will be applied for these 6 projects?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Facebook[Meta]: We offer projects to choose between the usual refund policy and the 48-hour policy which seems to be a popular option.

AMR (Community member): How will the referral system work? Is it like if I refer someone, and they stake, I will get some % of tokens?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to AMR): Not from theirs but on top of theirs so extra not at their expense.

老八 (Community member): Hello EE, it's great to see you again, BullPerks has been almost three years and it's been a fantastic achievement, congratulations to you and I feel very honored to be a part of the community! We will always be BullPerks' most loyal supporters!

Eran Elhanani (in reply to 老八): Thank you and our loyal followers. We would be nothing without you guys.

Ingars Lacis (Community member): So, we can forget about top exchanges?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Ingras Lacis): Didn’t say that, just said harder and fewer options but we only want the top ones.

Riya ツ (Community member): So after staking pools ends, we will dump a little hard, right?😔😐

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Riya ツ): I doubt it, I expect very few people to leave us before the bull market and if there is a price increase I see many optimistic buyers jumping on it so don’t expect that.

Ingars Lacis (Community member): When are you going to publish the 2024 roadmap?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Ingras Lacis): Working on it.

Fitra (Community member): Please give some more info on bombs that you will be dropping on us next year😎.

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Filtra): Wait and see… but we’re going after some of the really top projects.

Radek (Community member): Hi Eran, what is the plan to make the project even stronger and bring stronger and more unique projects? How is the situation with the gaming studio?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Radek): We are going after the best and incubating projects to have those unique ones too. We are signing some big partnerships even if we don’t announce them and do them behind the scenes.

老八 (Community member): As I mentioned before, I hope BullPerks will bring us more high-quality VC deals. it is the unique advantage of BullPerks.

Eran Elhanani (in reply to 老八): We are working on those. Projects that will go directly to top exchanges and so on.

PJ (Community member): How many new staking pools will be launched?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to PJ): One.

Radek (Community member): What is your thought on the movement of new teams bringing VCs deals like project ACQ starting it, Common Wealth launching it, NeoTokyo too?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Radek): That’s fine. We like to collaborate.

Fitra (Community member): Great, would like to see some BullPerks exclusive projects as well, that will bring a lot of attention to BullPerks. Daomaker does a lot of this.

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Filtra): We will have some very limited ones.

Radek (Community member): Thanks for sharing cause competition is getting bigger and bigger and also what I see is that small launchpads have the same deals as bigger launchpads and now everyone wants to get into seed deals with prices like Binance etc.

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Radek): Actually, the good deals are only going to the top 10 launchpads now. The barrier for launchpads got much higher and harder for them to get good projects. They get the deals none of the top 10 want.

Riya ツ (Community member): Are we going on eth? The last time you came that time market conditions were not good, so you said when the market got better we will be ready from the tech side. Anything on that?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Riya ツ): We are looking for a new chain to bridge to as well… but let us keep some secrets.

Yuval (Community member): Which according to you are the top 3 launchpads today?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Yuval): Lol, I think it depends how you judge it but I definitely think we are top 3 and projects seem to think so too.

Yuval (Community member): Where do you see BullPerks in a year from now?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Yuval): I think within a year the top launchpads will distance themselves from the rest even further. We are looking to grow and expand. If you check some of our competitors you see we’re 10% of their FDV so I expect us to grow a lot. And obviously add more tools and products.

Riya ツ(Community member): Last question from my side, can I expect Q1 of 2024, we will be on one of the top CEX?

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Riya ツ): That is the hope, maybe before.

Yuval (Community member): True but whenever I see discussions about top launchpads, I see users mention other launchpads. I think we need some more marketing. Of course I know you did some great projects last year like blok, crypwar, highstreet etc but still many people do not know about BullPerks.

Eran Ehlanani (in reply to Yuval): I agree… which is why we hired a new head of marketing and a head of content and PR. To get the word out… and create even more brand awareness which will bring a lot more users and you know what that means for price. Which is why if you wanted to upgrade tier or bring friends/family and so then don’t wait…

And why we are expanding languages on site and some of our communities and doing some pushes in certain regions and will do a lot more marketing.

Also partnering with more big and mid size KOL’s and expanding our reach through them too.

Fitra (Community member): Marketing will help for sure with views but solid projects will get us more interested buyers.

Eran Elhanani (in reply to Filtra): We are bringing the best.

Eran Elhanani: Thanks everyone for your participation and great questions! Hope you enjoyed it and gained more insights about what’s coming up and we’re always happy to get your comments and feedback. 

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