BullPerks Monthly Update – November 2023
BullPerks Monthly Update – November 2023
08 Dec, 2023
BullPerks Monthly Update - November 2023 2

Dear BullPerks Community,

As we conclude November, let's review the exciting developments and achievements that defined it as a standout month for BullPerks:

Consensys Equity Deal Surpasses $100,000

We're ecstatic to share that our Consensys Equity Deal has exceeded $100,000 in investments, a testament to the trust and confidence our community has in BullPerks.

$QSIDUS Giveaway with Sidus Heroes

To express our gratitude for your ongoing support, we hosted a giveaway in collaboration with Sidus Heroes, offering participants a chance to win $3,000 in $QSIDUS tokens.

Calling Korean Ambassadors

A unique opportunity unfolded for community members to become BullPerks Korean Ambassadors. Exclusive benefits and the chance to contribute to our mission of global accessibility await our Korean ambassadors.


Our community showcased creativity in the #BullPerksMemeChallenge, with winners earning a total of $500 in USDT prizes. Your meme-making skills truly impressed us!

$CRH Giveaway with Crypto Hunters

In collaboration with Crypto Hunters, we hosted a $1000 $CRH giveaway in anticipation of the $CRH token launch through an IDO on BullPerks. Congratulations to the lucky winners!

BullPerks Tops CryptoRank's Launchpad Rankings

CryptoRank has ranked BullPerks as the Number 1 Launchpad by ATH, highlighting the significant perks that come with being a Bull.

Insightful AMA with CEO Eran Elhanani

Our CEO and Founder, Eran Elhanani, engaged in an insightful AMA session, sharing plans for the remainder of the year and offering a sneak peek into BullPerks' exciting future amidst the bull market.

Upcoming IDOs Announcement 

Galaxis, Crypto Hunters, Octavia, OxyaOrigin, and Liquid Crypto. Excitement is building up as we prepare for upcoming IDOs that promise to shape the future of blockchain. 

BullPerks Supercharger Launch on Zealy

Introducing the BullPerks Supercharger on Zealy, offering a new level of growth and investment incentives. Join the campaign, invite friends, and share in the rewards as we elevate your BullPerks experience.

Liquid Crypto IDO Launching on BullPerks

Liquid Crypto is gearing up for its IDO launch on the BullPerks Launchpad. Let's delve into the key details of this exciting development:

Ticker: $LQDX

Token Price: $0.065

IDO Date: Dec 11, 2023

Allocation: $150,000

Network: BSC

Vesting: 20% at TGE, 3 months cliff, then 3 months vesting

Join the Liquid Crypto IDO on BullPerks and be part of the decentralized revolution. 

Thank you for making November an extraordinary month for BullPerks. Anticipate more groundbreaking developments and opportunities in the months ahead. Stay bullish!

Best regards,

The BullPerks Team 🐂🚀

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