Recap: A New AMA Session With Fragmint’s CEO Stoyan Angelov - BullPerks
Recap: a New AMA Session With Fragmint’s CEO Stoyan Angelov
Recap: a New AMA Session With Fragmint’s CEO Stoyan Angelov
30 Sep, 2022

BullPerks held a new exciting AMA session with Fragmint’s CEO. He told us more about the project, top features, future plans, and more.

Recap: a New AMA Session With Fragmint’s CEO Stoyan Angelov 1

Fragmint is a one-stop solution for celebrities, festivals, and big franchises to launch and do NFT drops, capitalizing on their fandom. This cutting-edge project enables high-end art piece fragmentation for mass-market accessibility and creating a sub-economy. We are thrilled to host another AMA session with Fragmint’s Chief Executive, Stoyan Angelov, who told us more about the project and upcoming plans. Read on to find out more! 

BullPerks admin: Hello, everyone! Welcome to the AMA session with Stoyan Angelov from Fragmint. He is here to answer all your questions. Ready? Then let’s get it started!

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): Hey everyone! I am very happy to be here and to have the chance to be part of your community and this AMA session.

BullPerks admin: Hello, and very welcome, Stoyan! I hope you’re having a great day!

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): Absolutely! It is a pleasure to present Fragmint and Evedo’s ecosystem here. I am ready for the AMA session and have already seen a lot of people joining our community, which is truly exciting.

BullPerks admin: Great! So, the first question of this session: can you briefly describe your project to our BullPerks community?

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): Sure. I want to start by sharing our explainer video that provides an excellent project overview. To continue, I want to say that Fragmint is a one-stop solution for celebrities, festivals, and big franchises to launch and do NFT drops, capitalizing on their fandom. It enables high-end art piece fragmentation for mass-market accessibility and creating a sub-economy. 

Fragmint introduces a general governance voting system that allows the power users to vote for different decisions related to further platform development and upcoming auctions. The project gives DAO structure available for the owners of the different valuable NFTs generated during the various auctions.

BullPerks admin: Interesting!

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): We aim to give a different tool for the creators to gamify and engage with their audience as well.

BullPerks admin: Genuinely appreciate your concept! But how does your project stand out?

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): We believe that with the market change now, valuable NFTs will be created mostly with a clear idea of every project’s utility and IP. Also, engaging in a mutually valuable way with the communities of these collections. 

We are building the first Fragmented NFT Platform with formable DAOs. In addition, we are creating independent communities and empowering their creative use of decentralized mechanisms. 

Our focus is on the premium segment also, with high-end actors, Hollywood studios, musicians, and any entertainers being part of our uniqueness. We have already signed 2 of the biggest Hollywood studios that we will announce soon. Bringing valuable content with long term vision is in our DNA.

BullPerks admin: The decentralized mechanism looks appealing. Please let us know about your project’s latest updates and achievements.

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): For the last four months, we focused on three main directions:

1. Building up the platform and features that users can already explore and register on our platform.

2. We also focused on community and user base growth. We have already reached a significant number of users – 50 000 + and a community of 150 000 + people in our channels.

3. Onboarding quality creators to prepare for NFT launches on the platform. We have 500+ registered creators, collections, and premium NFT campaigns that will be handled shortly on the platform. Every creator can apply to become an early adopter here.

In addition, I can say that the current down of the markets is allowing the real developers to show up and prove that they are here because of the innovation and tech, and not only for the hype.

BullPerks admin: Agreed. Tell us more about your team, backers, and advisors.

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): Thank you for this question. We are a highly motivated team working on the project for almost a year and having a working experience together on Evedo’s Ecosystem for the last 5 years with the clear goal to bring innovation to the event and entertainment industry. You can check our whole team and advisors on our Team page.

Some of the names I can mention are Thomas Papa Smith, Yoni Yunger (Millenium Films Hollywood), Rostik Rusev, Emanuil Pavlov (Ispolink). They are helping us with contacts and networks and helping us to make the right decisions.

Some of our backers and partners include:  

  • Polygon Studios
  • Master Ventures
  • Crypto EXECUTIVE
  • Ferrum Network
  • Ispolink
  • Bitforex
  • Credefi
  • Operation Crypto
  • Rostik Rusev
  • Thomas Papa Smith
  • ElonTrades
  • 100+ others

BullPerks admin: Great! I can see your spirit—great minds behind the project. The last and the most crucial question of this session is, please, tell us more about the short-term and long-term goals of Fragmint.

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): Thank you!

  • Short-term goals: 

We aim to build up our first NFT campaigns this year and to grow to 250 000 active users. ( we already achieved around 25% of these users ) FRAG token, staking, release in exchanges, and platform implementation are also priorities.

  • Long-term goals: 

We aim to become one of the top curated platforms worldwide and to provide a unique gateway to amazing artists, entertainers, Hollywood actors, musicians, and DJs to do unique NFTs with unique utilities.

BullPerks admin: Now we will move onto the next section. Let us now open the channel for our community’s questions. Ready?

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): Thank you! I am ready to explore the questions from the community.

SuhuTurbo: Listing on the right exchanges, especially major exchanges, helps to increase the token price and is a form of Marketing. So, where can we buy the token, and what plans do you have for listing on major exchanges (DEX and CEX)?

Sharp Learner: You’re planning to launch in a bear market. How are you going to survive? Are there any buyback plans if you encounter a huge dump in the near future? Are you planning to update your roadmap in future? As you know now, you can’t survive with a limited roadmap.

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): A really great question! As I mentioned above, we are a highly motivated team that believes in the future of Web3, and the current market is mostly an opportunity for us to build up a great project with a long-term vision. We gained enough runaway to survive the bear market, and we believe now is a great time to launch.

GoWh:  What are your plans in the upcoming 2 quarters?

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): As you can see on our roadmap, we are planning many activities based on updates on the platform features, FRAG token implementation, and community and user base. So this is where we will focus mainly.

GoWh: Great! Anything even more exciting?

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): As we have already mentioned, we have signed contracts to work with two major Hollywood studios, and we aim to launch our first premium NFT auctions by the end of the year.

Michael Lima: Hi Stoyan, could you give a simple example on how Fragmint platform works?

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): Keep you updated in our community, where we share all the exciting news! The fragmentation process is very well explained in our blog post here.

NoSee: What are your intentions towards listing on big exchanges? Do we have some names?

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): We are negotiating with a couple of big name exchanges that we aim to have in our listing plans once we launch the FRAG token. We still can not mention names but the listing on 13 Oct will be on PanckakeSwap.

BullPerks admin: Let’s wrap it up. If you want to add something, please mention it.

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): I am sure that all the long-term people in the blockchain will survive the bear market and will benefit from the decisions that they make in this market. Having a real understanding of the projects they support is the most important. Thank you for the chance to present the Fragmint project here, and I am happy that we are partnering with Bullperks on our upcoming IDO. Feel free to follow our social media channels, including Twitter, Telegram, and Discord

BullPerks admin: Thank you, Stoyan, for answering the valuable questions from our community. I wish you all the best; you have great vision, spirit and team. Great AMA, Stoyan! It was amazing to have you here today!

Stoyan Angelov (Fragmint CEO): Thank you again for the session! I wish you and the whole community a great rest of the week! And we are open to answering any other questions.

BullPerks admin: You’re very welcome! Thank you, everyone, for joining us today; we sure had a blast.

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