Recap: a New AMA Session With Humanode
Recap: a New AMA Session With Humanode
15 Mar, 2023
Recap: a New AMA Session With Humanode 2

BullPerks held a new AMA session with Dato Kavazi, a co-founder of Humanode, a new-age decentralized crypto-biometric network.  

Humanode is a new-age decentralized crypto-biometric network that integrates pioneering cryptography with private biometrics and blockchain technology.  This exciting project brings decentralization, Sybil resistance and innovative governance models to the blockchain industry using biometric technology. Humanode also strives to create a decentralized system that not only stands strong, but endures for years to come – essentially building foundations on people who make the world unique.

The IDO with Humanode is coming on BullPerks shortly and we are thrilled to host an AMA session with the project's co-founder, who told us more about the project and upcoming plans. Let's start! 

BullPerks admin: Hello, everyone! Welcome to the AMA session with Mr. Dato Kavazi from Humanode. He is here to answer all your questions. Ready? Then let’s get it started!

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): Pleased to be here!

BullPerks admin: Thank you, Dato! I hope you’re having a great day!

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): Same here!

BullPerks admin: Great, thanks! So, the first question of this session: can you briefly describe your project to our BullPerks community?

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): Humanode is the first crypto-biometric blockchain where one human = one node. Instead of PoW or PoS Humanode is built on Proof-of-Uniqueness and Proof-of-Existence of human beings. To deploy a node a validator must go through private biometric authentication (Facial recognition and Liveness Detection AI) that verifies his uniqueness and existence through computer vision. 

Our goal here is to ensure that all validators are humans and that everyone equally owns the network! Bringing real distribution of power to web 3. Simple as that 😉 

BullPerks admin: Perfect! Genuinely appreciate your concept! But how does your project stand out?

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): There is no Mining Equipment or Staking whatsoever! To become a validator one must simply be a real unique human being. So, there are no major stakeholders and no high barriers of entry. You simply need a few coins to verify yourself initially and that's it.

BullPerks admin: Ease of use looks appealing. Moving on, what are the key features of the project?

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): Well, I would say there are 3 major features:

1) As already mentioned we are safeguarded not by PoW or PoS but by biometric verification of uniqueness and existence of our validators; 

2) Private decentralized biometric computations, or as we call them "Crypto-biometrics." Basically, all biometric data is private and nobody can lay their hands on it;

3) Humanode ID, that allows users to create their private biometric ID's and then utilize them in dApps and services not only in Web 3 but also Web 2. No more paper wallets. Just your biometrics!

BullPerks admin: Tell us more about your team, backers, and advisors.

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): 

We have a very devout team of experts that don't tolerate mediocracy! We maintain a high level of professionalism and you will be able to judge it yourselves as soon as our repos are open.

We are 18 team members, in operations and tech teams respectively, working remotely across the globe from the US, Italy, Ukraine, Venezuela, Pakistan, Russia, Georgia, Poland, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Brazil, and Japan.

  • Co-founders: 3    
  • Blockchain Devs:  2                                                   
  • Cryptographers:  2
  • Front-end:  2                      
  • Use-cases (integration):  1               
  • Design:  1 
  • Media:  3      
  • Community Management: 2                  
  • Administration:  2

We have a lot of backers that are constantly engaged in helping us out. 

Out of the most popular ones we have:

  • Republic Crypto
  • Shima
  • Avalanche | Blizzard
  • Wintermute
  • Crypto.com Capital
  • Big Brain Holdings 
  • Emurgo
  • and…
  • Polygon Founders: Sandeep and Jaynti

BullPerks admin: Perfect! The last and the most crucial question of this session is, please, tell us more about the short-term and long-term goals of Humanode?

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): Short-term goals are technical and long-term are magical 😉 

Short-term: Deploy a stable EVM-compatible network with functioning Humanode ID.

Long-term: A protocol owned by millions of human nodes. Egalitarian and truly democratic.

BullPerks admin: Thanks! Now we will move onto the next section. Let us now open the channel for our community’s questions.

ANKIT OJHA: What about future listings?

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): The listing is just around the corner; unfortunately, I am bound not to disclose any details 😉

Shark: How would you compete with top layer 1 chains?

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): First, we think to be compatible with them as in give them the ability to utilize our crypto-biometrics for their needs. Second, we will be more decentralized than all of them but with the same specs or even better. Time will tell.

Robert: Will Wintermute be your MM when listing on exchange?

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): Yes!

ENUMAH EMMANUEL: How can someone buy the $HMND token?

BullPerks admin: You can participate in IDO

Zoni: How would you survive from hacks? Do you have enough devs and technical team?

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): Please, be more specific about the type of hacks.

No amount of devs is ever enough 😉 but for our pace and needs right now, it's decent.

Zoni: I agree but are you planning to add more to the team?

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): For sure! We are constantly on the lookout for talented minds.

Eyes Know: Hello, I hope you are doing well. As a long time investor in HMND for over 6 months, I was wondering if it would be possible to get more information about the planned listing postponement. We, the investors, feel very strongly about this company and would like to be kept informed. I thank you in advance for your understanding and attention to us. 

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): Was postponed due to market conditioning, but not anymore, The date and time is set. Thanks.

Shyaan: Tx/sec?

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): 10 000/sec.

BullPerks admin: Let's wrap it up, and if you want to add something, please mention 🙂 

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): I guess I've answered all the relevant questions here! 

BullPerks admin: Perfect Great AMA, Dato, and thank you! It was amazing to have you here today! Thank you, everyone, for joining us today and we sure had a blast.

Dato Kavazi (Co-Founder of Humanode): Thanks, guys! Always a pleasure! You can always DM me if you have any additional questions.

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