Recap: AMA Session With Carbon
Recap: AMA Session With Carbon
05 Jan, 2023
Recap: AMA Session With Carbon 2

BullPerks held a new AMA session with Mr. Nobrac, a Core Developer of Carbon, the fastest and privacy-focused Web3 browser.  

Carbon is a free and open-source privacy-focused Web3 browser which automatically blocks online ads and website trackers by default.The IDO with Carbon is coming on BullPerks soon and we are thrilled to host an AMA session with Carbon's Core Developer, Mr. Nobrac, who told us more about this exciting project and upcoming plans. Read on to find out more! 

BullPerks admin: Hello, everyone! Dear community, welcome to the external AMA session with Mr. Nobrac, a Core Developer of Carbon.

Nobrac: Hello everyone, great to be here!

BullPerks admin: Thank you, let's start ✌️

So the first question of this session…Can you briefly describe your project to our BullPerks community?

Nobrac: Carbon is a fast privacy-focused browser which blocks online ads and trackers. We're live on Google Play Store and coming soon to iOS, Mac OS and PC.

Some highlights:

  • Launched in 2016
  • 5M+ Downloads
  • 1M+ MAUs (monthly active users)

CSIX Token:

Our utility token launches this month across several launchpads, including BullPerks, Poolz, TrustSwap, and EnjinStarter. 

Team Members:

Our team members have worked at Google, Mozilla and Microsoft; they are highly qualified specialists with more than 15 years of experience working with browsers.

BullPerks admin: Amazing! What makes your project stand out? What are the features of the project?

Nobrac: Our key features are the following:

- 3x Faster than Chrome and Brave;

- Better AdBlock and Privacy;

- Supports more web3 DApps and protocols like IPFS, Handshake and many more;

- Browse-To-Earn Rewards (earn rewards while you browse) will be more sustainable/generous than Brave rewards (launches Q2/3 this year).

A comparison table of how we differ can be found below: https://carbon.website/carbon-vs-competitors/

BullPerks admin: Please tell us more about your team, backers, and advisors.

Nobrac: Our team members have worked at Google, Mozilla and Microsoft; they are highly qualified specialists with more than 15 years of experience working with browsers.


  • Polygon Studios 
  • Poolz Ventures
  • GSR
  • Woo Network
  • Curate
  • TrustSwap.

BullPerks admin: What are your short-term and long-term goals?

Short-term goals (2023):

  • Break past 10M+ downloads
  • Surpass 2M+ MAUs (monthly active users)
  • Launch across multiple CEXs and DEXs
  • Break top 1,000 MC projects on CMC and CoinGecko

Long-term goals (2-5 years):

  • Achieve 100M+ downloads
  • Reach 10M+ MAUs (monthly active users)
  • Break top 100 MC projects on CMC and CoinGecko

BullPerks admin: Now we'll move on to the next part. Let's now open a channel for questions from our community members. 

Stark: When browsing to earn $CSIX will be live in the Carbon browser?

Comu Shull: Hello, and welcome @mrnobrac a quick question from me please

There are so many browsers relying on Webkit and Blink, what influenced your choice, and have you considered creating your own engine?

Froth: Hello @mrnobrac! Is there any proof of your claim you're 3x faster than Chrome and Brave? Thanks for your response in advance!

Hüsnü Çoban: Hi @mrnobrac! Will $CSIX token stay on BNB Chain or expand and become multichain? Should we expect Ethereum next?

Marius Short: Are there any CEX listings on a roadmap?

Nobrac: Thanks for your questions! So…

Q2/Q3 this year, but hopefully sooner.

We use Blink too, but we've customized it to make it faster and lighter, which is how we achieve 3x faster browsing.

Stark: Thank you for your answer!

Nobrac: Another great question, thanks. We have a proof/data section going up soon where we use speed tests to show you this.

Rick Daniel S.: How are you guys planning to generate revenue?

Nobrac: Eventually, ERC20 (ETH and Matic) and maybe OP. We will have more details soon.

Simich: Is there a benefit of holding $CSIX tokens while you are browsing with Carbon?

Marius Short: That's great. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to it!

Nobrac: We are already through integrations with Affinity, Google search partner and Yahoo integration.


Yes, there are benefits of holding  $CSIX while browsing:

1. Staking (up to 12% yield based on how many you hold);

2. Unlock Carbon Pro (premium browser with more privacy and faster rewards).

Comu Shull: Have you reviewed the flow and goanna rendering engines? The former is actually made with performance in mind.

Rick Daniel S.: Why is there a gap of 9 months for iOS and PC versions and browsing to earn?

Nobrac: iOS should be Q1/2. Mac OS and PC should be Q2. Browse-To-Earn Rewards by Q3 latest once the above ports are live. We will let you know for sure!

We're built on a custom fork of the Chromium and Eyeo SDK, so it might delay our roadmap if we switch engines.

Simich: Thanks for your response! Is there an "easier" way to buy $CSIX (directly through the Browser)?

Nobrac: Not yet. There will be once we're listed on a DEX/CEX (URL redirect, and once our wallet goes live, you can buy/trade directly in the browser.

Comu Shull: Thank you so much for your response

Rick Daniel S.: When is the ETA for a wallet? Can we use extensions?

Nobrac: By Q2.

Nobrac: Eventually, yes, that's on our roadmap.

Simich: Thanks

BullPerks admin: Let's wrap it up; if you wanna add something, please mention it! @mrnobrac

Nobrac: Thanks to the BullPerks community, and a happy new year!

BullPerks admin: You're very welcome, and happy New year! Great AMA, Nobrac, It was amazing to have you here today!

Nobrac: Thank you, sir! God bless you all!
BullPerks admin: Thank you, everyone, for joining us today, and we sure had a blast!

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