Recap of the AMA Session With BullPerks Co-Founders March 2023
Recap of the AMA Session With BullPerks Co-Founders March 2023
31 Mar, 2023

Recap of the AMA Session With BullPerks Co-Founders March 2023 2

BullPerks Co-Founder Eran Elhanani provided updates on ElseVerse on BullPerks Telegram Chat. He discussed launch plans and the development of the team, as well as answered questions regarding the project.

In case you missed the live session, don't worry. Check out the complete AMA recap below!

BullPerks admin:

Hello everyone and welcome to the BullPerks internal AMA session. Let us welcome our Co-Founder, Eran Elhanani who's here to give exciting updates and answer your questions later.

Eran Elhanani:

Hi Everyone. Thanks for joining us in the AMA. First I will give you some updates and info about the project and plan and later we’ll open it to questions from the community. As you might have seen Constantin won’t be with us today since he’s on his way to Miami to participate as a judge in the Metaverse event there.Including but not limited to game designers, game economy experts, art directors, and tech experts.

They have been developing this project for a while now and as you have seen we shared the initial trailer and cinematics and later a gameplay demo. 

More trailers and game demos as well as assets and characters will be shared prior to launch.

They have over 20 full-time people working on it and many more part-time. Many of which with expertise in Unreal Engine 5 game development. So not a small team.

They are also working with some well-known artists helping design many of the characters and assets in the Metaverse to maintain very high quality.

As you know BullPerks and GamesPad will be launching an IDO for ElseVerse in April. We will also be collaborating with other good Launchpads.

We are also working on the listing strategy and are in discussions with some top CEXs.

As a gesture of appreciating our communities and their support, we have decided to do a later-stage airdrop to loyal community members and supporters who staked their token and have been supporting us and staying loyal through the bear market. 

This airdrop was not meant to attract new users but rather reward old and loyal users. Our gift to you.

If you followed ElseVerse announcements and chats then you also heard the roadmap and plans from some of the team members there.

If you haven’t followed yet their social media channels and are interested in the project then please do. 

Regarding the token we are considering many use cases as mentioned in the whitepaper and GDD including buying future lands in the Metaverse. More about the land's value and the game economy will be shared in an upcoming trailer so don’t miss it.

We have been in touch with many NFT and Metaverse communities and projects as well as in talks with some guilds to collaborate once the game will be released or for initial testing.

We have also decided to not raise much money for the project initially in order not to dilute the token value and to avoid the initial and constant sell pressure so no seed, private or strategic investors, and only public sale and limited raise. Once the project builds traction we hope the revenues will support continued growth and development and will consider raising additional funds in equity.

We have many KOLs supporting us and they will start deploying content from next week leading to the listing and after.

We are hoping for your continuous support of the project and their team.

BullPerks admin:

Please respect our co-founders and note that any questions irrelevant to the AMA will be deleted. In case of repeating irrelevant questions during the AMA, the users will be muted for a day on repeat offenses. I will now be unmuting the channel momentarily.

John McD:

Congrats on the great work of Elseverse so far. Everything seems of the highest quality and I’m excited to see more. One point of concern is how difficult it seems to be gaining traction and community engagement, as evidenced by the mystery box and founders' pass sales. The project has an ambitious vision and will take a lot in terms of resources and talent to come to fruition. Obviously, a project such as this cannot continue to burn cash indefinitely and needs to be sustainable. I worry about the perceived lack of strong community following and engagement. Do you have plans to address this and if so, how?

Eran Elhanani:

Thanks for the question and support. 

I agree that the current market is not very supportive of gaming and metaverse. 

We do believe it will come back with the market bouncing like everything else and believe it’s the future but we’re not counting on the crypto community. We are looking at the entire gaming audience including the web 2 and web 2.5 gamers and looking to cater to as wide as possible audience. 

If you read the whitepaper then you’ll see that it’s a free-to-play world and while NFTs might be some of the revenues then economy design and revenues are not counting necessarily on that and there are multiple revenue streams from marketing, advertising, revenue shares, regular sales and boosts, marketplace commissions and more and we’ve implemented fiat gateways so you don’t need crypto to play the game or even acquire assets.

John McD:

Great answer, thanks, really excited to see this develop.

Crypto Varrior:

Hello Eran,

Hope you’re doing fine. A question about Elseverse IDO 

It’s gonna be on Ethereum and currently per claim on Ethereum would cost somewhere between $5 and $10 for the gas fee. So, how’s it gonna be feasible for lower-tier participants?

Eran Elhanani:

Good question and we will review it with the Dev team. Hopefully it will make financial sense otherwise we might do a bridge to another chain.

Crypto Varrior:

Awesome. Thank you so much.


We constantly see the idos of the projects that are not upcoming projects on the website. Could you please update the site with the projects that are really coming?

Eran Elhanani:

We will. And most of them will be coming over next 2-3 months. A little patience. 

And let’s get back to ElseVerse questions

BabyNothing (Last 50U):

Hi Eran. When do you expect Elseverse to be playable.

Eran Elhanani:

We are hoping for an initial playable version in like 2.5 months. Our dev team is working hard to meet deadlines but maintain quality.

BabyNothing (Last 50U):

Wow. That's very quick. Thanks.

Eran Elhanani: 

Ok, thank you everyone for joining us and we looking forward to updating you more and sharing progress and appreciate your support!

BullPerks admin:

Thank you, everyone, for joining us today! Thank you Eran for your answers and for sharing great news!

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