Whitelist Explanation

Learn what is whitelist, how it works and how to get whitelisted on BullPerks’ IDO deals.

If you are just getting started with crypto project investing, you might have come across the term whitelist or whitelisting at some point. This short post will explain what a whitelist is and what you must do to get it. Tag along!

What is a whitelist in crypto? 

To be whitelisted is essentially to become a priority in a given situation. In the crypto investing universe, this practice is usually associated with coin offerings, such as ICOs and IDOs. There is a whitelisting phase for investors who want to buy their tokens before going public in these offerings, meaning that the whitelisted users will have access to lower prices and possibly higher allocations. 

Another whitelisting possibility in the crypto environment regards withdrawal addresses. In this case, the whitelist refers to a list of cryptocurrency addresses that users deem trustworthy. This security system allows users to only withdraw funds from the exchange to the whitelisted addresses. With this procedure, users can better protect their assets from attacks.

What is an NFT whitelist?

The NFT realm offers a similar purpose for a whitelist: a list of potential buyers that are assured early access to mint an NFT on a specified date and time. 

When whitelisted, an NFT buyer can get guaranteed minting access and lower prices, besides avoiding network traffic and exorbitant gas fees, as they can choose what time they want to mint.

How do you get on a crypto whitelist? 

Once you’ve found a forthcoming deal you’d like to participate in, you can try to get on its whitelist. The users are chosen randomly to get early access to the token sale, but each launching platform will have its particular requirements to qualify a user for whitelisting. 

At BullPerks, there is only one requirement you’d need to fulfill to get whitelisted: participating in our gleam campaigns. Any user can win one Copper or Bot Tier spot for our deals when completing a few marketing tasks, such as liking and sharing our social media posts and subscribing to our YouTube channel. To ensure their eligibility, it is also essential that the users complete the Know Your Customer procedure before the gleam campaign is over. 

Unlike other platforms, we don’t require the users to hold or stake BLP tokens to get on a whitelist. Except for the ten winners of the whitelisting and the investors on Platinum Bulls and Crypto Ninjas tiers, everyone else is subject to the First Come, First Served methodology.

Is it safe to give your wallet address to a whitelist?

Yes! In fact, by whitelisting your wallet addresses you secure your funds from being withdrawn to another address, making your assets even safer. Other than that, no one can steal your funds with only your wallet’s public address.


Getting whitelisted can be a great strategy for crypto investors to guarantee their access to promising deals and NFTs for lower prices and fees. Here at BullPerks, we make sure to provide as many whitelists as possible to give our community a chance to make even higher profits from their chosen projects. We are always looking out for our users! 

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Disclaimer. This material should not be construed as a basis for making investment decisions or as a recommendation to participate in investment transactions. Trading digital assets may involve significant risks and can result in the loss of invested capital. Therefore, you must ensure that you fully understand the risk involved, consider your level of experience, investment objectives, and seek independent financial advice if necessary.