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A Quick Guide to Launching your Own IDO
A Quick Guide to Launching your Own IDO
01 Mar, 2022

A Quick Guide to Launching your Own IDO 3

When companies are in need of additional funding, some options they have are to expand their business or produce products to generate revenue. To support these expansions, they will often seek financial assistance in the form of loans from banks and government agencies. However, with the advent of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, most businesses now have the opportunity to raise funds quickly through token sales.

Companies can create crypto tokens, which they will eventually release to the public in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins. This process is known as fundraising by issuing tokens. On various fundraising platforms, you trade your coins and tokens, these include ICO, STO, IEO, and IDO. So how to be an IDO guide?

How to launch an IDO?

An IDO is one of the crypto fundraising processes that involve an issuer allotting IDO coins through a decentralized liquidity platform. It is an upgraded fundraising model, implemented to tackle the present issues that are confronted in other processes like the ICO, STO, and IEO. IDOs are launched through a decentralized liquidity exchange and provide assistance to users by helping them make informed choices regarding their engagement with more communities in relation to their products and services. Decentralized liquidity is a cryptocurrency asset exchange that uses liquidity pools to allow traders or investors to trade their tokens.

A Quick Guide to Launching your Own IDO 4

Liquidity pools include both crypto assets and stable coins. Market conditions determine whether the traders or investors can switch pairs between crypto-assets and stable coins. Examples of these liquidity pairs include USDT/ETH. These coins allow traders to securely control crypto tokens and the assets increasing levels of volatility by switching them around since stable coins have much lower volatility.

These decentralized volatility exchanges enable businesses to issue tokens and provide fast access to funds. Decentralized liquidity platforms that help promote issuing IDO coins for IDO include, Uniswap, Bancor, or Binance. An IDO can be organized since it does not bear any assurance or guarantee, as it is the issuer who controls the event. This liquidity will assist startups and companies in launching tokens and allow them quick access to funds. The first IDO was hosted on Raven protocol.

A thorough learning and training protocol provides cost-efficient and faster neural network training. IDO is getting more mainstream hype these days; several businesses are considering using an IDO for fundraising, as it allows companies to IDO launch a token and have access to fast liquidity. IDO is the newest fundraising model in the decentralized ecosystem. It is the latest form of distributed ledger allowing high-level security for the user’s digital asset. While this is all exciting news, the interested user should know the fundraising IDO process.

Also, the user should make the smart choice and use an IDO development service provider company. The decided IDO process development company should be among the best companies in the digital market in order to properly facilitate visibility.

How to Launch Your First DEX Offering 

Projects can attract the public through platforms that specialize in IDO. Anyone can invest under a number of stated conditions and buy the tokens before they get to the market. Launching your IDO platform is an opportunity for you to create your community of investors, users, and fundraisers and establish the most beneficial conditions to promote the prosperity of your business.

  1. Understanding the Basics:
    • Familiarize yourself with the concept of IDOs and how they are beneficial for projects.
    • Explore various platforms that specialize in IDOs like BullStarter, and understand how they showcase IDO deals to investors.
  2. Formulate a Strategy:
    • Plan a strategic time-based roadmap outlining the key milestones for your token offering.
    • This roadmap will help in providing a clear direction for your project and in securing stakeholders’ interests.
  3. Draft a White Paper:
    • Create a detailed and comprehensive white paper explaining your project, the utility of your token, and how you plan to launch it in the crypto market.
    • A well-drafted white paper is crucial to attract investors and to give them a clear understanding of your project’s value proposition.
  4. Prepare for Your IDO Launch:
    • Choose a platform that specializes in IDO launches.
    • Ensure your project complies with the necessary legal and platform-specific requirements.
  5. Launch Your IDO:
    • Initiate your IDO on the chosen platform to start raising funds.
    • Engage with the community and address any queries or concerns they might have.
  6. Increase Your Token’s Value:
    • Post-IDO, work on providing utility services to enhance the value of your token.
    • Engage with the community to receive feedback and make necessary adjustments to meet market demands.
  7. Distribute Governance Tokens:
    • Issue governance tokens as a reward to the users who contribute to the growth and improvement of your platform.
    • This will also encourage a decentralized governance structure, promoting community involvement in decision-making processes.
  8. Begin Serving and Enhancing Your Offerings:
    • Start providing your services and utilize advanced blockchain technology features to increase the value and utility of your token.
    • Continuously work on improving your offerings based on community feedback and market trends.
A Quick Guide to Launching your Own IDO 5
How the IDO deals are shown to investors at BullStarter. Source: BullPerks

The Benefits of Launching Your IDO 

Instant liquidity 

The liquidity of a token is crucial. It provides leverage to increase the token’s value. Conversely, it can destroy the token’s value if there is instant liquidity is not available. A liquidity pool gives liquidity without slippage, and at all price levels. At first, projects will need to develop some value for the tokens in order to acquire liquidity and promote switching the tokens in the liquidity pool.

Instant trading 

Investors can begin to trade their tokens immediately after a project is launched. Also, during the IDO, early token buyers can sell their tokens at a higher rate. As instantly as the first investors buy a token, the price shifts in their favor.

Lower cost

A project’s token utilizes a liquidity exchange and only costs a few dollars, which, for the same price as a gallon of gas, an investor can implement a new smart contract. These smart contracts help manage the asset’s token and liquidity pool.

Secure and fair fundraising 

You can develop and deploy an IDO on different blockchain platforms to make the most of the special features that each platform has to offer. Choosing the right platform can boost the visibility of your IDO if you use the right well-known platform to capture its user base.

Crypto is all about creating a path of decentralized financing opportunities. BullPerks is a decentralized VC and a multi-chain launchpad whose aim is to enable users to access the best projects. This allows for those in the bull market to have more advantages than others. Platforms create opportunities for a group of individuals to get the best information for projects and deals. It is a perk of joining the community as you are then introduced to new and smart projects early, allowing you to get the best. BullStarter is a dedicated crypto launchpad that provides deals and projects to users or retail investors who are not familiar with getting the best deals. Read here more about IDO vs ICO differences.

Bottom Line

IDO is a fascinating capital-raising offer for startups and other existing businesses that seek to expand their line of products and services. It is currently in its prime age and hosts an array of advantageous features that will benefit the crypto market. Common to all strategies, IDO has both its benefits and downsides.

It might take a while to figure out the difficulties and create a level ground between allowing decentralization and maintaining security. Nevertheless, IDO promises to be a highly sought-after IDO process and is establishing a following who is becoming more invested in this crucial blockchain-based fundraising method. The best time to strike is now while the iron is hot and lean into this new form of financing by creating and launching your IDO.

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